More Sources Say Tiger Woods Lied About Alleged Racist Attack

More people have come forward to claim Tiger Woods may have lied about a racist attack he suffered on his first day of kindergarten. Tiger Woods’ kindergarten teacher, Maureen Decker, held a press conference Friday to refute Woods’ story he was the victim of a racially motivated attack as a child in her class.

Tiger Woods (YouTube screenshot)
Tiger Woods (YouTube screenshot)

In an interview for the book The Wicked Game, Tiger Woods claimed that a group of older children tied him to a tree and sprayed “n****r” on his chest on his first day at kindergarten. Ms. Maureen Decker, Woods’ kindergarten teacher, says no such thing ever happened.

Donald Hill, the former principal of Cerritos Elementary School, said in a press statement that he never heard of any racist attack against Woods while he was at the school. A parent at the school, Linda DaVeiga, also supports Woods’ kindergarten teacher’s claim that the incident never happened. According to, DaVeiga was around the school “constantly” and heard nothing about any such alleged attack.

In a press conference on Friday with lawyer Gloria Allred, Ms. Decker said she suffers terrible migraine headaches as a result of Tiger Woods’ allegations that she “really didn’t do much of anything” in response to the incident he claims shaped his “racial identity.”

If Tiger Woods really did lie about being a victim of a racist attack as a child, we personally think that’s about the worst thing he’s done – even above and beyond all his sordid sexual escapades behind his wife’s back. We really hope Woods wouldn’t be that disgusting.

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8 thoughts on “More Sources Say Tiger Woods Lied About Alleged Racist Attack”

  1. Really…. migraine headaches… I assume she’s going to want some kind of compensation for these so called ‘headaches’. Maybe Tiger did the wrong thing making up this story, make it is true.. but come on, migraines! What is the world coming to?

  2. Tiger really expects us to believe that so many years ago, sixth grade boys called each other the day before the beginning of school, arranged to sneak it out to recess, along with a can of spray paint, and then in full view of supervising teachers tied up a little kindergartner to a tree and spray painted him? I wonder why Tiger’s parents weren’t outraged? Because it never happened! But of course we should believe Tiger, because he has proved himself to be an upright, upstanding citizen, in the past….I understand Champions Golf Club in Houston, Warned Tiger to shut his filthy mouth at the last tournament or he would be expelled…I guess Tiger thought an outrageous lie about his kindergarten teacher would make him a more sympathetic character…terrorized boy overcomes to make good….

  3. To jan a.

    I know it may be hard for you to believe that such things happen to any kid but they do. At 6 years old I had white high school kids spit at me and stick pencils in my hair and laugh. I guess I looked like a 6 year old witch doctor or something to them. Was I supposed to laugh?? Where were my teachers? No adult at the school claimed to see anything. If you have never lived in someone else’s skin please don’t think you know what they went through!!!!

  4. Of course you had a horrible experience and I’m sorry for it. I have a friend who was attacked by a group of PARENTS when he was a 9th grader during desegregation..I believe him. I even have a biracial grandchild; I don’t want him to experience anything like that..those early experiences are horribly scarring…I just have a hard time believing Tiger Woods…and respect his ex-teacher’s right to speak out and demand an apology. It’s very unlikely that something like that happened the FIRST day of school…if you’ve ever been in a school the first day, the students are very subdued…they aren’t energetic enough to think up dirty and demeaning tricks like that…the teachers are watching them pretty closely…at least that’s always been my experience over 35 first days of schools in all types of schools…

  5. Has anyone come forward and confirmed Tigers story? Until someone validates his account I will believe he is lying. I am sure someone would have seen a kid spray painted with the N word.

    Tiger if you are going to tell stories like this you need proof.

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