MSNBC Anchor David Shuster Suspended for Taping CNN Pilot

MSNBC news anchor David Shuster has been “suspended indefinitely” just days after reportedly taping a pilot for rival network CNN. An MSNBC spokesman announced the suspension on Tuesday morning.

David Shuster (MSNBC)
David Shuster (MSNBC)

Executives at MSNBC were allegedly furious after finding out David Shuster had taped a test pilot for CNN. News of Shuster’s moonlighting surfaced in a New York Observer article Friday morning. “If true, this is unacceptable and David will be punished appropriately,” an MSNBC spokesman said Friday.

Well, apparently it looks like David Shuster was indeed stepping out on his employer. MSNBC announced Tuesday the news anchor would be put on indefinite suspension. Shuster has not commented on the suspension, referring all questions to his agent.

Shuster is currently under contract to MSNBC, but it is set to expire at the end of this year. Shuster was suspended once before for two weeks in 2008 after saying Hillary Clinton “pimped out” daughter Chelsea Clinton to garner support for her presidential campaign.

Looks like Shuster has been a very naughty boy indeed!

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  1. Well, what did MSNBC expect? They use David as a fill in while giving shows to people like Ed (I can’t remember his last name). David Schuster is an amazing interviewer who should have had his own show a long time ago. He was badly taken for granted at MSNBC. Like all other Americans, he had the right to go out and try to better his situation. Corporations don’t own us. They just think they have a right to.

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