MTV’s “Exiled”- Bratz Camp for “Sweet Sixteens”!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I LOVE the concept of MTV’s upcoming Reality TV show “Exiled”! Remember all of the super-spoiled, insufferable birthday girls from MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen”? Remember how you wanted to ship them off to a third-world country? Well, MTV has done it for you!!! Payback begins Monday, August 25th. Here’s the trailer for the not-so-sweet reality check for the obnoxious little bratz! I might actually watch this one! Extra points for the tribes and families who had to put up with the ‘lil divas! Double-Click and see it all go down.

3 thoughts on “MTV’s “Exiled”- Bratz Camp for “Sweet Sixteens”!”

  1. It does look like fun but not so “Bratz” as Barbies afraid to break a nail. I like the Bratz line and if these girls really were Bratzy types they would have already gotten jobs, started magazines or bands, helped the environment and saved animals (no not just teacup chihuahuas). This looks like a fun show but I’d say Barbie Camp for Brats, not with a Z 🙂

  2. I think it looks rellly fun and im 14 , i would be glade to do it . It looks like a great oppotunity , to aspriance different things in life. So i think there be rewarded for being bratty , not punnished. This looks like a great tv show , which premeres on my birthday. I wish i coulod be on it 😀

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