MTV’S “Exiled” Cast & First Episode Preview

Snarkista told you awhile back about MTV’s upcoming new reality show “Exiled”. The show takes some of the insufferable bratz from “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and dumps them off in third world countries! Good times! The little divas (and one divO) have to work and live with families in countries where many don’t MAKE IT to age 16. The show debut is getting closer, it’s August 25th at 10:30 E.T., so here are the cast bios and a peek at the first episode after the jump!
Alex: An heiress to a chateau in Paris, Alex felt like her reputation was on the line when she threw her Super Sweet 16 party. She treated her “Winter Wonderland” party as a coming out celebration, saying it was time to show everyone that she had turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Alex jetted to Paris to look for the perfect dress, but left empty-handed. Back in the states, she couldn’t wait to go car shopping. But when her dad took her to a dealership, she pouted because his suggestions weren’t the kinds of cars that screamed “heiress.”
Amanda: 2 years ago, Amanda had a Super Sweet 16 party any girl would die for, including a performance by R&B sensation Ciara. Of course, tons of drama went along with the Hawaiian-themed festivities, especially since Amanda acted like a pampered princess the whole time. 2 years later- not much has changed. Amanda is still a spoiled brat. She graduated from high school but still lives at home. She doesn’t work or going to college. In fact, she spends most of her time shopping and going to the beach. Of course, dad still pays her bills.
Ava: She threw an Arabian Nights bash that she called “a major transition from childhood to adulthood.” Ava also tried shopping for the perfect dress in Paris, but decided to get two custom-made in L.A.. She escaped to her dad’s house after her mom canceled her credit card; and ultimately drove away in a Range Rover that her parents told her she would not get. Now a 19 year-old sophomore in college, she’s still driving that “not used” Range Rover, and running up mom and dad’s credit cards.
Bjorn: An outspoken male divo , Bjorn had but one thing on his mind when it came his ultimate Sweet 16: fashion. Bjorn staged a fashion show starring himself, along with a hand-picked selection of his hottest friends on the catwalk. For his red carpet entrance, he wore a custom-designed jacket with “Bjorn” written in rhinestones across the back!
Chelsi: Her Roman-themed toga party made her a legend in her small New Hampshire town. Plenty of drama before her big bash, including bawling over her boyfriend Matt’s flirting with one of her friends. Chelsi made her grand entrance on a throne carried by four buff boys… like a Roman empress. She quickly had a meltdown when she argued with Matt again, and a bunch of rowdy boys sent her $800 birthday cake crashing to the ground.
Marissa: She threw the biggest party that Scottsdale, Ariz., had ever seen. Obsessed with the color pink, she made her dad rent a mansion for her “Pink Fantasy” party. She cried her eyes out when told there wasn’t going to be a superstar performer at her bash. At the party, she turned into a total diva, changing outfits twice, and booting out party crashers. Then, R&B singer Frankie J put on a surprise performance! Plus, Marissa got two cars!
Meleny: She missed out on a sweet-sixteen, so on her 18th birthday she threw a bash fit for an Egyptian queen! Meleny wanted to make sure everyone knew she was rich, so she begged her dad for a $92,000 car. But when her custom-made gown didn’t fit and didn’t have as much bling as she had hoped, Meleny went ballistic! Once the dress was fixed, she made her grand entrance. Besides getting her new car, she was surprised with a performance by Lucas Prata.
Sierra: She rushed her party by a year and celebrated her 15th birthday in grand style. The daughter of Cee-Lo (aka one-half of alterna-pop/soul duo Gnarls Barkley), she thrives on drama. Her big bash had a helicopter entrance and birthday call from her celebrity crush Bow Wow. It almost got cancelled after a bad report card, but was saved by some hard work at school and home that got her back on her parents’ good side.

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