New Big Brother 14 Commercial Promises Game Changing Shocker

On the official Big Brother 14 spoilers front, the newest Big Brother 2012 commercial just came out and the newest tease from CBS Big Brother claims the new season will contain “60 captivating minutes, 4 super-sizes surprises, and 1 game changing shocker” — and that’s all in just the first episode!

We have already had Big Brother 14 spoilers that this will be the biggest cast ever on the show. So this looks like it could turn out to be a very exciting season indeed, especially with all the rumors going around so far. Check out the new Big Brother 14 promo below, which includes the first tiny glimpse of the outside of the Big Brother 14 house.

Half the fun of the Big Brother preseason, of course, is speculating on what CBS Big Brother is hinting at in these commercials and promos… Will the four big surprises be veteran players returning to the show? Will the game changing shocker be a new nomination process? Why is CBS going so big with the cast this year, and does that mean it will include former cast members or perhaps players from other reality TV shows like Survivor, as some rumors have claimed?

Let us know what you think all this hype means and what you hope some of the twists will be for the new Big Brother 14 season in our comments section below!

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