New Dancing With the Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast Leaked

Although the official announcement isn’t due until tonight, it looks like the new Dancing With the Stars season 13 cast list may have leaked online. We can’t absolutely verify the authenticity of this list, but it is the pretty standard mix of obscure, weird and WTH that we know and love. So it just might actually be all true!

The new Dancing with the Stars 2011 season 13 cast list was leaked online by @DWTSGossip on Twitter. The list confirms some already rumored DWTS season 13 cast members, including Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest and reality TV stars Ron Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from Jersey Shore was also rumored to be on this season, but her name does not appear on this list (thank the gods).

The full list of ‘celebrities’ for the new DWTS season is:

Nancy Grace
Kristin Cavalleri
Ricki Lake
Chynna Phillips
Hope Solis
Elizabetta Canalis
David Arquette
Rob Kardashian
Ryan O’Neal
J.R. Martinez
Chaz Bono
Ron Artest

Pros this season are listed by @DWTSGossip as: Tony, Derek, Mark, Val, Tristan, Maks, Cheryl, Kym, PETA, Karina, Lacey, Anna.

Nancy Grace? Really? Don’t I have to be tortured by this woman enough, now she is invading one of my favorite reality shows? Her presence on this list is really the one strong reason I hope it is false!

As for Chaz Bono (formerly Chastity Bono), he will hold a unique place in Dancing With the Stars history if he is indeed competing. He’ll be the first transgendered contestant and will reportedly compete with a female partner.

ABC will reveal the Dancing with the Stars 2011-2012 cast during Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor Pad. DWTS fans will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite star/pro pairings, which will be revealed on Wednesday’s Good Morning America. Dancing With the Stars 2011 season 13 premieres on September 19.

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20 thoughts on “New Dancing With the Stars 2011 Season 13 Cast Leaked”

  1. Remember back in the day when you had to be a star to be on dancing with the stars? Fail, abc!!

  2. Wow. This year is going to suck. I had to look up 5 of them to even know who they are. I “guess” I’ll root for Rikki Lake. Sheesh

  3. holy cow! chaz bono really? i wish they could pair him/her with Maks now that would be worth watching lolololol

  4. ABC needs to do two things. First, fire the people who rounded up this slate of “stars?”. Secondly, change the name of the show to “Dancing With Whomever We Can Get!”

    Most of the people on this list are out of control alcoholics, drug users, and one with an exceptionally loud mouth. Oh, and I’ve never even heard of Kristin Cavalleri, Hope Solis, Elizabetta Canalis, and J.R. Martinez.

  5. I’d love to watch Chaz, but I don’t watch anything with Nancy Grace in it. So I”ll be skipping these season. Good luck to Chaz!!

  6. I’ll wager that Hope Solis is a typo and it should read Hope Solo. Hope so: Maks will be a happy boy!

  7. Who cares about any of these ppl! Doesnt seem 2 b a season worth watching ….. I’ll pass this time!!!

  8. Um yeah, I agree with others on here, these people are not “stars”! Really Nancy Grace?! I too don’t know who most of cast are, David Arquette is probably the only real celebrity on there, but he hasn’t done anything lately. I’m not watching, but I hope David Chaz, & Ricki Lake make it to the finally.

  9. Why, season after season, do people complain about the “stars” chosen for the show? Has DWTS EVER had A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise on? No. Have they always had Olympic athletes, reality stars and headline makers? Yes. If they’re well known nationwide, then they qualify for “star” status. Or rather celebrity status. How funny would the name of the show sound if it was called “Dancing with the Celebrities”? I watch this show for one reason only: ENTERTAINMENT. Those of you who have an aneurysm and cry “I’ll never watch the show again!” over ABC’s choice of celebrities take the show far too seriously. Perhaps you should take a deep breath and relax. It’s a reality show. Nothing more. And to those who complain “it’s nothing but a popularity contest”, as long as the viewers are allowed to vote, it will ALWAYS be a popularity contest. Honestly, do you vote for the best dancer or your favorite celebrity? I’d bet most people who vote are voting for their favorites, and not how well they danced. Personally, I don’t care who competes. I want to be entertained for 12 weeks and DWTS always delivers. I’ll check online in the morning since I can’t stand the Bachelor Pad.

  10. ok michchick 98 you got me i agree i will always watch DWTS to be entertained too i also agree bachelor pad and shows like that are a huge waste of time

  11. Nancy Grace? That’s worth the watch. Maybe we get Keith Obermann as her partner and watch them both make idiots of themselves.

  12. Sounds like fun. I’m going to watch.

    To the haters: don’t like it, don’t watch – but please keep your unsolicited rude comments to yourself.

  13. Guess I’m rooting for David Arquette this season! Is it just me or does it seem like there’s too many reality stars? Oh well.

  14. Next season maybe Casey Anthony!! (Tot Mom to Nancy Grace fans) What a bunch of no-talent faux celebs and that is using the term quite loosely!

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