New Jesse James Mistress Merilee Gerth Reveals Racy Messages

Racy messages between former West Coast Choppers employee Merilee Gerth and boss Jesse James have leaked to the Net. We’re feeling a serious déjà vu to the Tiger Woods sex scandal here. Merilee Gerth sued Jesse James back in 2007 for sexual harassment after she was fired from West Coast Choppers, a lawsuit that was eventually settled out of court.

Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jesse James and Merilee Gerth allegedly had an affair while she was working at West Coast Choppers. Gerth was reportedly fired after the affair ended and sued her former boss for sexual harassment with the help of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. The suit was settled for an alleged six figure payout.

Gerth reportedly had a mass of email messages between her and Jesse James to support her claim in court. Several of the messages, printed by, detail sexual innuendo between James and Gerth while they were working together at West Coast Choppers.

Jesse – “Need anything before I split?…..”

Merilee – “Some tums.”

Jesse – “I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better….”

Even worse, Merilee Gerth allegedly kept a dress with ‘stains’ on it as further proof of her affair with Jesse James. How very Monica Lewinsky of her! Please, Sandra Bullock, why haven’t you filed those divorce papers yet?

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  1. Ewww. I’m assuming he meant motor oil since he works in a garage. I can’t believe motor oil will cure a stomach ache. Just more lies from James.

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