New Mexico Soccer Player Elizabeth Lambert Gets Nasty

Wow! Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct! New Mexico women’s soccer player Elizabeth Lambert recently turned a match against Brigham Young University into a near-bloodbath with her violent attacks against some of the opposing players.


During the heated match, soccer player Elizabeth Lambert wailed on her opponents with fists, feet and nasty tactics rarely seen outside of a hockey match or ultimate fighting championship. At one point in the game, Lambert chops a BYU player across the neck – after kneeing her in the stomach. In another clip from the game, Lambert grabs a girl’s ponytail and yanks her viciously to the ground, leaving her crying with her face in the dirt.


This bitch is out of control! Even with massive video evidence of her crazed behavior on tape, officials only gave Lambert a couple of yellow cards in warning. From this video, I’m thinking this girl not only needs to be thrown out of the game – but off the team and into some therapy sessions!

>> Update: Violent New Mexico Soccer Player Elizabeth Lambert Suspended

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32 thoughts on “New Mexico Soccer Player Elizabeth Lambert Gets Nasty”

  1. a couple of yellow cards??? After two yellow cards, you’re out of the game. What kind of soccer game was this…

  2. what a pathetic loser Lambert is. What a cheap dirty player. Bet she makes her mom proud. So……I guess if you can’t keep up…..ya cheat? Well, what goes around, comes around. Glad this is posted…….maybe some other teams will watch it and send their enforser in to take her out for life. Good riddens you pethetic loser.

  3. Geez – talk about Unsportsman Like Conduct!! Where were the referees during all this. They should be given the boot also!!! And what ever happen to two yellow cards and your out!! WHAT A FILTHY ROTTEN PLAYER – I’M GLAD SHE’S OUT!! She doesn’t belong on the soccer field – she belong in a mental institute. Did you see the look on her fact – CRAZY!!!!

  4. she absolutely had some dirty plays in the game, but look at the whole picture. What about the BYU girl elbowing her in the chest, or the girl that got tossed by her ponytail reaching up and grabbing her crotch/shorts! Look at the whole game film and i’m sure some of her actions may have been provoked.

  5. Lambert needs to be barred from EVER playing soccer again. She is a dirty player and who needs that on their team? I am sure her teammates are upset with her outrageous conduct and her family must be REAL proud of her. If she has acted in the same manner before someone please tell me why she is still playing. NM needs to stand firm and that means she does not return to the team and if she is on scholarship, pull that scholarship at the end of the term. She needs anger management classes as a starter.

  6. wow. way to make the game interesting. maybe they all should follow her example and throw some punches. it would “level the field”

  7. the makings of a true SOCIOPATH. look at her eyes,, no soul in there…. not an ounce of human empathy or concern for other humans… or playing by the rules. only the desperate all-consuming need to be #1. she’s well on her way.

  8. The viral video shows that the 20-year-old budding jailbird Elizabeth Lambert, “defending” for UNM, yanked BYU forward Kassidy Shumway (#21) to the ground by her ponytail, so that Shumway’s head and neck were dangerously jolted backwards and so that she fell onto the ground on her back, with the back of her head hitting the ground at around the same time, and so that she lay motionless in that position for the few seconds of time that the television camera could be bothered to be diverted by this crime when the ball action was elsewhere on the field.

    For that episode not even a _yellow_ card, let alone a red one? And not even a BYU player seemed to raise an eyebrow (hey, BYU! you should have summoned Joseph Smith from his grave and asked him to sock ‘er with one of his mysterious gold plates!). And in the whole ridiculous match Lambert was given only _one_ yellow card (two yellows would automatically have converted to a red and she would have been sent off the field for her procession of foul play). In proper (!) soccer in a traditionally soccer-playing nation, even in a men’s premier-league match, the ponytail-yank-backwards-to-the-ground alone would have earned a red card and immediate removal of the offender from the field, leaving the offender’s team with only 10 players for the rest of the match.

    Anyway, why wasn’t the world permitted to witness the length of time Shumway took to climb back on to her feet?

    Lambert is lucky that Shumway hasn’t yet asked (or has she?) for Lambert to be arrested on a criminal charge of attempted GBH (Shumway could easily have become a quadraplegic after the ponytail-yank) or attempted murder. Oh, well—should the world of association football await the arrival of the case in a _civil_ court?

    FIFA in Zurich, and all arms of association football in the USA, should dissociate themselves from Lambert, and perhaps also from the studiously blind or unprofessionally forgiving referee(s?) and coach in the case.

    And if the bovver-girl student of occupational therapy (ha! curiouser and curiouser, said Alice) wants a sparring partner then she won’t do better than choosing the former Wigan striker (!) Marlon King when he gets out of jail 18 months from now. Perhaps they’ll knock some sense into each other’s pretty mug.

  9. That psycho girl should NEVER again be allowed on any field. A disgrace to her parents and up bringing. Any parent would be ashamed to have brought up such a vile person. NO excuses for such callous behaviour!! A psychopath in the making. She ought to be arrested and locked up!

  10. This girl should be banned from any and all collegiate or professional sports, she is ridiculous. It was not just one incident throughout the game, it was multiple acts of unwarranted aggression throughout the entire game. She, her family, coaches, and school should all be ashamed of this behavior and Lambert ought to be swiftly dealt with…good bye girl!

  11. She went a little overboard, for sure, but overall, I like her toughness as a defender. She just needs to tone it down a bit and she’ll be just fine. I would say a one game suspension is probably fair – maybe a little harsh – and can’t wait to see the high energy, exciting player get back at ‘er.

  12. i love this chick and you are all a bunch of babies. if she puts fear into their minds maybe they wont want to hang around the goal so easily. all sports use intimidation and dirty tactics, why is this appalling but brushing back a hitter or popping a receiver is ok? or what about a runner breaking up a double play? what about setting a pick in basketball? this shit happens everyday.

  13. and dont give me that crap about ‘if it were my kid’…face it, you would stand by your kid if they burned the school down so shut up.

  14. Hey i agree, look at the whole picture. The girl was elbowed firstby #7 then she punched, then that other girl #21 grabed her crotch then she got pulled to the ground…you only see what you want to see…yes it vaw nasty but sprots can be and just because she is a girl they make a big deal out of it had this been a mens game it wouldent have even made the news. So back off on the wich hunt lets not burn her at the stake just yet. Just looks like that girl dosent take crap and she can be on my team anyday.

  15. i thought she was doing her job. she was elbowed first and she went a bit overboard on her retaliations. i think a two or three game suspension is adequate. you should look at the whole game before making decisions.

  16. She should be banned for her poor performance and would she like it if someone did that to her?? Did she forget to take her meds?? She needs help. Thank God she wasn’t behind the wheel and displaying this kind of behavior.

  17. No amounts of provocation should warrant such behavior or conduct. This girl (who wants to be an occupational therapist) seems to be lining up clients before graduation (by harming them, which could have led to paralysis)!! She should be expelled from the school, have any and all scholarship monies revoked, and go to therapy for a long long time. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves for bringing up a bully!1

  18. It’s so “nice” to see so many people that are so quick to condemn this young lady on just the short video “evidence” presented to the world. How many times did #7 elbow her before she retaliated? How many other physical and personal intrusions did she endure from opposing players before she finally had enough?

  19. Thats a tough son of a B!
    Regardless, the yanking of the hair was over- the- top- rediculous, almost criminal.Bizzare!
    Everything else can be debatable(as in malicious intent).
    Also, I don’t know about college soccer but how many refs are there?
    Professional soccer only uses 1 ref with a couple of sideliners.1 Ref can’t see everything

  20. L.A. Vess… youre useless… that BITCH is one hell of a competitor who doesnt take shit from anyone on the pitch and should be applauded!!! So many non athletes who have never competed for anything in there lives spewing crap… what a bunch of losers…. you could all take a page out of her book….wanna b’s

  21. Which ever way you cut it….unnecessary roughness is not acceptable. Hence…”unnecessary” for the illiterates. You “tough” guys who support this brute, I hope you guys feel the same if and when your son or daughter gets tossed down to the floor like a raggedy ann from a violent hair pool while playing a sport.

  22. meh. not much of an offense when compared to men’s sports and their brutality.
    people are so sexist. get over your self important selves. they wouldn’t be watchable athletes without an exuberant amount of passion – and you wouldn’t watch the sport if they didn’t show a little. you all are straight hypocrites.

  23. Anyone with deep emotional challenges should not be allowed to play. This woman obviously not well. Her statement “that wasn’t me on the field” is a clear case of denial. She hasn’t even made an apology for her actions. Without acknowledging that what she did, she will surely do it again. The next time, someone will get seriously hurt.

  24. “What about the BYU girl elbowing her in the chest, or the girl that got tossed by her ponytail reaching up and grabbing her crotch/shorts! ”

    Is anyone else aroused by this? 🙂

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