Wow! Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct! New Mexico women’s soccer player Elizabeth Lambert recently turned a match against Brigham Young University into a near-bloodbath with her violent attacks against some of the opposing players.


During the heated match, soccer player Elizabeth Lambert wailed on her opponents with fists, feet and nasty tactics rarely seen outside of a hockey match or ultimate fighting championship. At one point in the game, Lambert chops a BYU player across the neck – after kneeing her in the stomach. In another clip from the game, Lambert grabs a girl’s ponytail and yanks her viciously to the ground, leaving her crying with her face in the dirt.


This bitch is out of control! Even with massive video evidence of her crazed behavior on tape, officials only gave Lambert a couple of yellow cards in warning. From this video, I’m thinking this girl not only needs to be thrown out of the game – but off the team and into some therapy sessions!

>> Update: Violent New Mexico Soccer Player Elizabeth Lambert Suspended

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