New Moon Star Taylor Lautner Dodges Gay Rumor Questions

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating. Kristen Stewart is a lesbian. Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift. Taylor Lautner is gay. And the rumors go on and on and on… There are so many rumors and tabloid gossip stories about the stars of Twilight and New Moon, it’s impossible to know if any of them even hold a spark of truth.

Taylor Lautner in 'New Moon'
Taylor Lautner in 'New Moon'

The dating rumors and questions about the stars’ sexuality seem to get the most attention. Everyone seems to want to know who is dating whom – but Lautner, Pattinson and Stewart aren’t interested in sharing.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart say they aren’t a couple, but constantly seem to delight in provoking rumors they are with public displays of affection. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift seem to be spending a lot of time together, but neither will confirm anything is going on.

One of the less popular but still persistent rumors out there is that New Moon hottie Taylor Lautner is actually gay. All of the Twilight main stars have been plagued by this rumor at one point or another, but Lautner seems to be the primary target.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor Lautner pretty much managed to never directly answer speculation about his sexual orientation. After refusing to commit to saying he is currently dating anyone, Lautner danced around leading questions from the interviewer that he is “trying to figure out his sexual identity in the world.”

“OK, I see where you’re going,” Lautner said. “Interesting choice.” Trying again to prompt a more direct answer, the interviewer said, “It is a possibility.”

Lautner simply replied, without elaboration, “There’s a lot of rumors out there.”

In other words, shut up and ask real questions that actually have some kind of meaning. Don’t we have enough tabloids out there spreading around crap without turning Rolling Stone into another one?

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25 thoughts on “New Moon Star Taylor Lautner Dodges Gay Rumor Questions”

  1. I find it very funny how you guys can take a simple quote, twist and manipulate it, until it means something completely different. It’s pretty sad actually. You wonder why Kristen and Rob show PDA and say they aren’t dating? Its because they are friends, and friends do that. Just because they are famous doesn’t change their human tendencies. This is pure BS, Taylor Lautner is far from anything close to gay. Have you ever seen him with a man? No, you haven’t. Has he said he is gay? No, he hasn’t. So don’t take his words and make them into something they’re not. That’s how you lose readers. Write about what you know, not what you assume, please.

  2. Jeez.

    If ya’ll heterosexuals weren’t MANICALLY OBSESSED with all things gay, this young man wouldn’t be put in the position of having to defend his sexuality, now would he.

    People are so STOOOOOOOOPID about this issue.

    There are gay people. Get over it. And stop badgering them about their sexuality so that you can feel like you are better than someone else because of who you love.

    Straight people can be so ignorant sometimes. (A LOT of the time, actually.)

    Just stop the nonsense and let people be who they are. It is nobody’s business if the kid is gay unless HE wants it to be. Got it?

  3. You guys are just mad because he looks so good and dresses so well. He has to be gay huh. Well believe it or not, just because a man can dress in something other than jeans and looks like he is comfortable dressing that way does not make him gay. One of my best freinds has the best fashion sense and was a male slut…so get over it, leave them all alone, get a life and let them all live theirs

  4. I agree with Bill.

    I love how some people get offended on Taylor’s behalf. You say that he is “far from anything close to gay” just because he’s never been seen with a man. Have you ever seen him kissing a woman? Sure maybe he’s not gay. But just because you don’t know that he’s gay doesn’t make him far from it. It just means you don’t know what his sexuality is. You people screaming he’s straight are as bad as the people screaming that he’s gay.

  5. Does it really matter if he is gay or straight?!?!? The only person that it should matter to is HIM, I will think he is a great actor whether he is gay straight or everything in between! I think that everyone should spend more time worried about their own lives and less time punishing actors and other people for living theirs!!!

  6. So what? What if he is gay,straight or bisexual? Or all of them rolled into one? He is free to shag whoever he wants.

    And I am not sure if fans are that much crazy about their sexual lives and private relationships. It seems media and paps are making bigger deal out of it then it’s demanded.

  7. Such a waste! One look at him and you know he is gay. But if he admit it, his career is pretty much over. As for me, I do not want to watch gay lovers. So, I avoid these programs. But also, I believe to each his own. I am also very good at telling if someone is gay. I don’t know how I do it, but I can. And this guy is gay!!

  8. Oh my goodness. I agree with some of the comments on here, but really…does it matter? He’s gay, he’s straight! Either way, we all will be lined up to watch Eclipse. Lol! Now that he is in the spotlight, yeah, rumors will be started and he will have to confront them. That’s life. I personaly don’t care if he is gay or straight. I don’t have to worry about running into him at the gay club reguardless. Lol. He seems like a nice young man, that’s just trying to do something with his life. Hopefully he can keep up the good work.

  9. Who’s business is it about what Taylor Lautner is in his personal life. If everyone…. let’s keep it plain, TOTAL STRANGERS, wanted to know and kept asking me if am gay or straight. I know that as soon as I answer that question I’ve just invited a pervert into my head. Good job Taylor for not answering. If he was not already saying he was gay, why ask? I believe that dude that interviewed Taylor in Rolling Stone is a pervert that only wanted to get in the kids pants but just wanted to check and see if he could.

  10. I really hate that people are putting all of their energy into finding out whether taylor’s gay or not.DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Being that I am the same age as taylor, I would not want anyone poking through my private life. He is a talented actor and has been acting since he was very young. Quite frankly i could care less what gender he prefers but i am interested in seeing him in upcoming movies. And Im not just sayin that because i think he is extremely sexy!!!!!

  11. Can people STOP. JUST STOP. Who fcking cares it Taylor is gay or not its not as if its your life’s mission to find out. If he’s gay, then so be it. Why are you attacking him for? Hes a human being, just like the rest of us, isnt he? Gosh. -_-”

  12. WOW
    Taylor Lautner Gay? What’s next? Obama’s Chinese? I mean seriously?, People are so fucked up that they have to come up with some shitty excuse to trash someone. It’s always “insider says…”, mhmm of course because that was THE FUCKING WRITER!!! Just leave people the FUCK ALONE, and let them live there lives and YOU LIVE YOURS… if you have one!

  13. All the comments above are true.. He’s as normal as us.. Just his privacy ends up being out there, where as we have our private. He doesn’t have the luxury.. The mean comments aren’t necessary..

    People get nosy.. And that’s what the press is.. Nosy people who like to take “quotes” of people and twist them around into something else.. I personally think that the press are rude people who enjoy making someones blessed life, go wrong infront of their fans eyes because there might be nothing bad about that person we look up to..

    Everyone faces questions that are just flat out rude. You know you have been asked this “interesting” question in your life and you wonder where that had come from..

    Just let it be, it will all iron out. 🙂

  14. @ Katherine … THANK YOU! wow, one of the few people who undertsand shiz 😉 Thumbs up on yur behalf.

  15. It really doesn’t matter whether Taylor is Gay or Straight, BUT… we all want to know, that is just the way of the world! I personally think he is gay, and will eventually come out of the closet, that doesn’t mean I will like him or dislike him, I just want everyone to know that “I told you so!” ha ha hah !

  16. Well, he could’ve just said “No”. None the less, it’s none of anyones business. Just sayin.

  17. Gay or not, the truth will come out in time. All the women defended Ricky Martin and even HE himself denied & dodged rumors about his sexuality. Until the couldnt handle it anymore, and for the sake of his children decided to come out. Funny thing is, its old news now. No one cares or thinks of him differently. Just a sham all that time was wasted being closeted & on the down low only to reveal his true colors in time. Gay or straight, man or women, people are people. If the world wasnt so judgemental, people wouldnt have to COME OUT or STAY CLOSETED. People would just be themselves. For the record, it seems like he’s pulling Ricky. Whatever he is, good for him. Im sure he will be proud.

  18. I love Taylor. But I’m afraid it would mean a great deal to a great many people if he turned out to be gay. I believe it would ruin the Twilight franchise at least if he were still involved in it..and I believe it would destroy his career. I hope he isnt. But if he is..he best keep it a secret.

  19. I think the real issue is that if he is, has he been told to keep quiet about it by his employers or risk dismissal?

    Remember that while there are supposed to be a number of gay Hollywood figures, many directors are still homophobic, or want to maximize heterosexual female fan based income. Another question, instead, asked could have been “Are you keeping quiet about your private life for commercial reasons, at risk of dismissal if you’re exposed as gay or promiscuous?”

    That really would have been a bombshell question. Remember, not only are entertainers unaccountable, but the managers and directors around these people. It’s time for the cameras and microphones to turn their way and ask them “Would you sack Taylor Lautner if he comes out as gay?”

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