‘New Moon’ Taylor Lautner Doll is Hot!

We’re still a bit on the fence as to the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob thing, but one thing we will admit – the new Taylor Lautner doll is way hotter than the Robert Pattinson Barbie! We’re not even going to say anything nice about the Kristen Stewart one, because, well, it sucks.



Barbie previously released Bella Swan and Edward Cullen Barbie dolls, which went on sale Nov. 1. Now the legendary doll maker has pandered to Team Jacob fans by releasing a long-awaited Jacob Black doll. And we have to say, it’s the best one, hands down.

First, the Jacob doll comes shirtless – and those six-pack abs are front and center! Second, we think the Jacob doll actually most resembles the actual actor, Taylor Lautner. The Bella doll just looks like regular Barbie with bad fashion taste. The Edward doll, well, it just doesn’t do him justice in the least.

We admit to some bias though, since we tend to have a fondness for hot guys that spend half their time on screen in very little clothing. Which one do you think is the hottest?

Oh, and before you go, in honor of the New Moon premiere being only just over a week away, we bring you a few stills from the film to lick your lips over while you wait. Click on the thumbnails to make ’em bigger. Enjoy!

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