New ‘The Hunger Games’ Movie Clip: Peeta Declares Love for Katniss

The countdown to the premiere of The Hunger Games movie is running down, and we cannot wait for the film to hit theaters in less than two weeks. Meanwhile, we’re scouring the Internet for every new The Hunger Games movie trailers and clips we can find.

Our latest discovery is this awesome The Hunger Games movie clip featuring part of the pre-games interview between Peeta Mallark (Josh Hutscherson) and entertainment personality Cesar Flickman (Stanley Tucci).

Before the start of the actual games in Suzanne Collin‘s The Hunger Games, all of the tributes selected for the life and death battle are put on display for the public and interviewed.

As our heroine Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) watches in shock, Cesar asks Peeta if he has a special girl back at home. After leading on Cesar and the audience for a few minutes, Peeta finally admits the girl he loves is Katniss.

The Hunger Games movie hits theaters on March 23 and is already predicted to be a smash hit.

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