Nick Bollea Gets Some Pedophile Love

Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea whined so much last week, that authorities moved him from a solo cell to one with other boys. Personally, I wouldn’t do that unless Nick is into playing drop-the-soap for 7 more months! Nick is likely re-thinking his want for company.

The St. Petersburg, Florida public school system has become infamous for producing female teachers who get it on with underage boys. Must be something in the water!! One of the latest female boy-lovers has written a letter of support to Nick! The sheriff in charge of keeping Nick locked up confirmed that Stephanie Ragusa wrote to Speed Racer on June 2. Dumbass put her real name on the return address, so it was intercepted at the jail. Apparantly she was smart enough not to porn it up, and Nick was eventually given a copy.

Stephanie’s attorney is probably chaining her to a chair right now, and making sure she drops her literary hobby. She’s facing charges of sex with a minor, AND lewd and lascivious battery. OUCH!! She’s into bondage too! Steph, Nick’s probably getting ENOUGH lascivious battery right now, so why don’t you lay low and let your attorney get some sleep. You’re welcome.