Nick Cannon Whiteface Photo Racist? Double Standards and Stereotyping

We are just dumbfounded over this whole Nick Cannon whiteface photo. Honestly, haven’t we had enough examples yet why it STILL isn’t cool to do blackface or whiteface, even if you’re a famous celebrity?

Nick Cannon whiteface

Anyone remember former Dancing With the Stars pro Juliane Hough and the outraged reaction to her Orange is the New Black costume for Halloween? When she dressed up like Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren and actually went so far as to darken her skin and go blackface for it?


Well, apparently Mr. Mariah Carey, aka Nick Cannon, decided that it might not be okay to do blackface if you are a white person, but apparently it is just fine to do whiteface if you are a black person!

The America’s Got Talent host posted controversial Nick Cannon whiteface photos on Instagram on Monday using the name “Connor Smallnut” to promote his new album, White People Party Music. Which, in itself, is kind of a smack in the face title as it is — basically implying that white people can’t handle normal party music. They need some kind of special ‘watered down’ music to dance to or something like that.

In the photos and videos posted on Instagram and Twitter, Nick Cannon is covered in so much lightening makeup that he does indeed like “white” and he’s even sporting a red-haired wig under a cap. The accompanying caption on one photo reads:

“It’s official… I’m White!!! #WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC#Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! #GoodCredit #DogKissing #BeerPong#FarmersMarkets #FistPumping #CreamCheeseEating#RacialDraft “Bro I got drafted!!””

There are just so many wrong things about that caption and the racial stereotypes it includes, that we just can’t even go there.

We think the statement from commenter scifi3dzoo on the Instagram photo pretty much sums it up:

“Whether it bothers you or not it’s NOT good for race relations to keep dong this. Everybody needs to abide by the same standards. It can’t be ok for black people to keep doing this type of humor but nobody else can.”

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2 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Whiteface Photo Racist? Double Standards and Stereotyping”

  1. Pretty pathetic when you have to go to extremes to get noticed. You should have known it was going to be that way, Mr. Mariah Carey!

  2. 1. This is pathetic self promotion by using race — no different than a slave trader or slave owner.
    2. All races have been slaves, and whites have generally been the majority of slaves. The Irish were nearly wiped out and sold into slavery by the English, and the Africans were sold into slavery by other black Africans! Furthermore, black Americans often owned white slaves, and less than 3% of white Americans owned slaves at all. So, black Americans deserve NO pass due to slavery.
    3. Funny how the media is giving this person a complete pass because he’s black. “he’s not a racist at all. . . it’s funny.” But a white person say or do anything that references blacks and that person should be fired, tarred and feather, ran out of town for being a racist.
    4. Nick has had other racial issues — calling google out for their Harriet Tubman image, which was very accurate BTW, and tried to make google look like a racist.

    All in all, this is typical of the US today. Black people are by far THE biggest racists in the country, and Nick Cannon is just another self promoting racist. When will the rest of the US stand up to the racial hypocrisy promoted by black America?

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