Nick Zano – Good Morning, Glory!

Nick ZanoHow in the HELL did horsey Haylie Duff bag the fabulous man-specimen that is Nick Zano? He left Kristin Cavallari for the lesser Duff??? Nick and Kristin did break up in December, but I thought it was just the usual guy-gettin-outa-presents stuff that happens around Christmas and Valentine’s day. (Actually, guys, to pull that one off well you really need to lower the boom around Halloween).

Shockingly, Nick and Haylie got together in February. Buff Nick is now moving boxes into the house he and Haylie will be sharing. Is Nick losing his eyesight? Are we perhaps in an alternate universe? Is he the Duffer’s beard? IS THIS THE EVIL WORK OF MTV? (They’re ALL on it.)Lusting Inquiring minds MUST KNOW! Please give Snarkista the scoop if you have any clue how this CLEAR waste of hotness happened!

One thought on “Nick Zano – Good Morning, Glory!”

  1. Yikes. Maybe he didn’t realize which Duff he was getting, and then by the time he did it was too late. Poor Nick.

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