Nicolas Cage Sex Photos Stolen: We Hope They Were Burned

We have an odd love for the actor but we really kind of hope the Nicolas Cage sex photos that were stolen recently ended up in a fire. There are just some things we don’t want to accidentally see when we are trolling the web! Can you imagine seeing this face while he’s getting busy with his lady? We’re kind of terrified of the thought.

Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona: Source - 20th Century Fox
Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona: Source – 20th Century Fox

According to, the stolen Nicolas Cage photos showed the actor in intimate (cough) embrace with actress Christina Fulton, the mother of his rock musician son Weston. Cage is now married to his third wife, former waitress Alice Kim, the mother of his youngest son, Kal-El. The actor and his ex are not on the friendliest terms after she sued him for $13 million after he ordered her to vacate the house she was living in after they split. We’re sure this new debacle has not improved their relationship.

Ricardo Orozco, a former handyman that worked at Christina Fulton’s house allegedly broke in and stole four computers and a bunch of photos of her and Cage getting it on. Police arrested Orozco last month and charged him with felony bail. He is currently still in jail, unable to raise enough funds to release him under a $1 million bail hold.

Police say the Nicolas Cage sex pics are still out there somewhere. Waiting for our innocent eyes to be blinded with. Even scarier? If the guy took photos while he was doing the nasty, we’re betting there is probably also a Nicolas Cage sex tape floating around in the universe too…

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