Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a baby

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban, who tried unsuccessfully to have a second child via IVF, have finally found success down a different road – surrogacy.  Their new daughter, Faith Margaret, was born to a surrogate in Nashville on December 28th, but the couple chose to keep it a secret so that they could have some private time before the press jumped on the story.

Commercial surrogacy is a hot topic in Kidman’s native Australia right now, and in fact a new law is soon to be passed banning the procedure, even if the arrangements are made outside Australia.  Kidman has not said whether she would even want a third child, but if she and Urban ever did go the surrogacy route again, they would either have to enter into a non-commercial agreement or face prosecution.

3 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a baby”

  1. Why would they face charges in Australia. They live primarily in the US (in fact, both Keith and Nic have lived more of their lives in the US than Australia) and that’s where Faith was conceived and born; and besides, Nicole is an American, as well an an Australian – she was born in Hawaii.

  2. DD…I’m assuming that you are male. If you are, check it out… What we do with our bodies is OUR business (that goes for women who have multiple babies and those who carry others by choice)! Perhaps the Creator created doctors who would invent IVF so that women could have children. Ever think of that? Of course not. In the end…they have the means to support the child so it’s between them, the person who carried the baby, and theor conscience.

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