No Sandra Bullock Sex Tape Actress Says

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock has finally spoken publicly regarding rumors arising from husband Jesse James‘ alleged affairs. Although Bullock did not specifically address James’ alleged cheating, she did go on the record to say there is no Sandra Bullock sex tape lurking out there to bite her in the ass.

Sandra Bullock SF
Sandra Bullock

“There is no sex tape,” Sandra Bullock said in a statement to People on Thursday. “There never has been one and there never will be one.” The sex tape statement is the first public comment Sandra Bullock has made in connection to the allegations husband Jesse James cheated on her with at least four women.

Rumors have been flying Jesse James made sex tape videos with at least one of his alleged mistresses. Gossip also circulated Sandra Bullock and Jesse James had made at least one graphic sex tape together that could become a weapon in a divorce battle between the two.

Well, we’d like to hear Sandy Bullock say she’s divorcing that sack of cheating slime Jesse James for good. But we’re at least glad to hear she won’t be having to deal with some horrible sex tape of herself getting leaked to the Net – and we believe her when she says there isn’t one. Personally, we never thought that rumor had an ounce of truth. Bullock is far too classy a babe to let herself get caught with her pants down on camera.

As for sex tapes involving Jesse James and his tattooed mistresses, now that we can believe. We’re betting it’s only a matter of time before one of those starts making the rounds…

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3 thoughts on “No Sandra Bullock Sex Tape Actress Says”

  1. Yes I do enjoy watching Sandra in movies. However like most of us I don’t know her or Jesse.
    Sandra married a man with a past)big one) she knew it and yet got together with him while his porn wife was pregnant with his child.Both then proceeded to get full custody of his girl-claiming her mother is not fit,is unstable and was in jail(for tax evasion btw)/Ironic isn’t it? All of this while Jesse was with once again porn stars and etc………….all while being the “great” husband as Sandra would state so many times/I feel bad for Sandra-nobody wants to be cheated on, however NO it was not right the way she treated that little girl’s own mother-who now btw is and has been saying even prior to this mess-she likes Sandra and thank’s her so much for being a good stepmom.I believe now Sandra knows the truth about her husband something his ex was saying all along,but was not believed!
    Sandra and the mother should get “together” to make sure this girl gets what she needs and deserves.

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