Norway Massacre Terrorist Suspect Put in Total Isolation

Anders Behring Breivik, who is suspected of killing 76 people in a bombing in Oslo and shooting attack at a youth camp, has been ordered into total isolation while he is being held in custody.

In a closed hearing on Monday, Judge Kim Heger ordered Anders Breivik into total isolation while he is detained. The terrorist suspect will not be allowed any visits, letters or access to the media of any kind.

Carrying two guns and dressed as a police official, Breivik allegedly murdered 68 people at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoeya island near Oslo. Eight more people died from a car bombing outside of the main government building in Oslo earlier in the day.

Anders Breivik has reportedly acknowledged he is responsible for the Oslo bombing and youth camp shooting in Utoeya that claimed 76 lives. He has not, however, pleaded guilty to the charges against him, saying he had to carry out these attacks to save Normay and Europe.

Judge Heger stated that Breivik “intended to induce the greatest possible loss to the Labor Party so it in the future would limit recruitment” with his attacks in Oslo and at the youth camp. “The operation was not intended to kill as many people as possible, but to give ‘a sharp signal’ to the people that can’t be misunderstood,” Heger said.

In speaking about his actions, Breivik said: “As long as the Labor Party follows its ideological line and continues to deconstruct Norwegian culture and import Muslims en masse so they must take responsibility for this treason.”

He has also claimed there are “two more cells in our organization,” although authorities still do not have any firm evidence Breivik had accomplicies in the attacks at this point.

“He said he believed his actions were atrocious, but in his head they were necessary,” Breivik’s defense lawyer Geir Lippestad told Norway’s TV2.

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  1. This man needs to pay hard for this awefull massacre,whats to gain by murdering innicient people some stupid radical extreme islamist hate group,will it get you to heaven they think,im affraid they sadly mistaken…love is the answer,getting along with each other,compassion,not hate…this man needs to be never let out of prison

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