NYC Freak Elevator Accident Like Something Out Of Horror Movie

Many of us has seen that classic scene in uncounted horror films where someone gets a body part stuck in an elevator door and then the elevator starts moving. This usually results in a gruesome and terrible death that has instilled fear of elevators in untold numbers.

Tragically, for one so far unidentified woman in New York, that classic horror scene became horribly real on Wednesday when she was killed in a freak elevator accident.

New York City Fire Department officials say a woman died around 10AM Wednesday morning in an office tower on Madison Avenue as the result of an elevator accident. An investigation is currently underway into the cause of the woman’s tragic death.

The woman was reportedly entering an elevator on the 1st floor when her leg or arm was caught in the elevator door. The car allegedly malfunctioned and suddenly shot upward with the woman still only partially inside. The woman was dragged into the elevator shaft and killed before the car became stuck between the first and second floors. Witnesses said the doors remained open as the elevator moved.

The name of the victim in this horrifying accident has so far not been released, but police say she was 41. Two other women who were in the elevator were transported to a hospital for psychological evaluation, but were not inujured.

The 25-story office building, which was build in the 1920s, is near Grand Central Terminal and houses a large advertising agency in addition to other businesses.

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