Ohio State Marching Band Movie Tribute Blows Our Mind [VIDEO]

If we believed in magic, we would swear the Ohio State Marching Band video performance was done by wizards. Honestly, it’s hard to even fathom HOW the OSU band managed the absolutely insane performance they give in this video. What kind of crazy logistics do you have to plan to pull off a moving pictorial of Superman saving a falling building or Harry Potter catching a Golden Snitch?

Ohio State Marching Band Superman
Ohio State Marching Band – Source: YouTube

Seriously, whoever put together this astounding Ohio State Marching Band movie tribute performance could give some major lessons to the Superbowl halftime entertainment coordinators. Heck, just hire these guys to give us a real show at the next Superbowl! We aren’t kidding. We’ve just never even seen anything like this before. Check it out below and let the jaw-dropping commence.

After watching the Ohio State Marching Band video of their Hollywood Blockbuster show, we just had to go back and watch some of their other amazing performances. This band is no one trick pony, just check out their other astonishing routines on YouTube for even more delightful entertainment.

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