Oksana dumb enough to let Mel Gibson have joint custody

Neither Oksana Grigorieva nor Mel Gibson have been particularly level-headed about their very public relationship drama, but up until now, it at least looked like Oksana had managed to dodge a bullet by getting herself safely away from Mel Gibson and his violent, bigoted tirades.  But it appears now that the actor’s ex-girlfriend did something, very, very dumb – she signed a custody agreement giving Gibson 50/50 joint custody of their daughter, Lucia.  

Oksana now says she did not understand what she was signing, but even if that were a legitimate excuse (no judge in the world is going to buy that), it’s laughable to say that she didn’t understand the agreement, as it spells out very clearly the rights that Gibson would be given.  The baby Lucia herself could probably understand it, that’s how simple the agreement is.  So congratulations, Oksana, you win the award for dumbest parental decision of the year.  All she can hope for now is that Gibson makes good on one of his violent threats, and gets his parental rights revoked in court.

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