Old Christine, Ghost Whisperer Cancelled by CBS

The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer cancelled! In rather a shocking move to fans, CBS has reportedly decided to cancel both Ghost Whisperer and The New Adventures of Old Christine from their new lineup. Fans of Medium can rest easy, however, that show is among those renewed by the network for another season.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in 'Ghost Whisperer' (CBS)
Jennifer Love Hewitt in 'Ghost Whisperer' (CBS)

Also cancelled by CBS were Gary Unmarried, Cold Case, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose and Numb3rs. Rules of Engagement was among the shows given a shot for one more season.

The cancellation of Ghost Whisperer is perhaps the most surprising move. While the show has never had really huge ratings, it has consistently been the winner in its Friday night time slot.

Some sources are speculating that Old Christine might be picked up by ABC as the network has previously expressed interest in picking up the series. Ghost Whisperer, however, may well be gone for good.

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75 thoughts on “Old Christine, Ghost Whisperer Cancelled by CBS”


  2. Well that’s it. I’m done with CBS. Ghost Whisperer was the only show that was not a cop show that was worth watching. Well FOX, NBC, ABC, and CW. I hope one of you will pick this show up.

  3. This is truly upsetting. Ghost whisperer is my absolute favorite show and I have always looked forward to it every Friday. I agree and hope that another tv network picks up this show. CBS, you’re making a huge mistake.

  4. I am done with CBS.. Ghost Whisperer was an excellent show worth staying home on Friday nights to watch and enjoy.


  5. Ghost Whisperer was a good show THOUGH it did get a bit unfocused this year. By that I mean the writing needs to improve and coalesce if it was to return. That said….there isn’t much on CBS anyway.

  6. I only somewhat recently began watching Ghost Whisper..about the past 2 years, and found it to be one of the most consistently good shows out there. Great writing and usually a tear at the end. This news is upsetting, especially since I am only dedicated to watching a few network shows each week. I hope that another network sees the value in this show and picks it up.

  7. I’m really upset about Ghost Whisperer being cancelled. It’s an amazing show and I watch it every week. What a poor decision on the part of CBS. I really hope another network picks it up.

  8. I cannot believe they canceled Ghost Whisperer! That is an excellent show and from what i understand brings in a lot a viewers for Friday night which is a challenge for shows to do! They are stupid to cancel it considering the fact of the huge fan base it has and they aren’t losing any money on it either!!! For them to cancel Ghost Whisperer and keep Medium is an extremely stupid move that CBS will regret later when they see there Friday night rating decline!!! I hope another station is smart enough to pick Ghost Whisperer up and profit from CBS’s mistake!

  9. Ghost Whisperer should not have been canceled. It was the only show we watched. We tired of cop shows. We hope someone will pick it up, it is the best show.

  10. Ghost Whisperer and Law and Order should not have been canceled. They were the best shows on t.v. We are tired of cop and reality shows. I hope someone will pick up both of these shows.

  11. I am so upset that they have cancelled Ghost Whisperer! I watch it without fail on Friday nights. The love story between Jim and Melinda was wonderful! It was a show with heart and something you weren’t embarrassed by if your kids or parents were in the room with you. And there won’t even be a wrap up. If it wasn’t for NCIS, I wouldn’t watch anything on CBS.

  12. I am surprised that CBS is canceling Ghost Whisperer. I only started watching this show back in February, but I loved it so much that I made it a point to go out and buy all of the previous seasons to try and catch up. I don’t even mind watching reruns of this show, it’s one of few shows that actually has re-watch value. Also, a lot of people are into paranormal TV shows right now… CBS is really not thinking straight. I hope ABC is smart and picks this show up!

  13. I will not watch CBS because my grandma and I loved Ghost Whisperers and I hope they realize what a big mistake they made.

    WHY CBS WHY????????

  14. I have been a huge fan of G.W. and have never missed an episode but the last season they must have changed writers and the show was a blahh not the actors but the writing was way off . They skipped what 6 years ? and expected it to work ? They should have ,could have started the last season better but of course they know that now

  15. I cant believe it! Ghost whisperer cancelled? I guess I have to add CBS to my boycott list. This is rediculous! First Ugly Betty, now Ghost Whisperer. TV is dead!

  16. When CBS picked up Medum and GW, I thought that was a great move and someone at CNS was paying attention. Gtiday night line up with both shows was also a great scheduling issue. So who went brain dead ????? Give the viewer’s the vote for once. PLEEEEZE listen to us…Moonlight should have stayed on and been ahead of it’s time. Three Rivers, Cold Case and Trauma also cancelled. Listen to your viewers for a change huh? Renew GW !!!!!!!!!

  17. I have NEVER watched CBS. Ever. However, I did catch Ghost Whisperer on SyFy and was instantly hooked. This is the first full season I have ever actually watched anything CBS, and it was GW. Now it’s gone, and now so am I.

  18. I am tired of ALL networks cancelling shows left and right. But especially Ghost Whisperer. Friday nights won’t be the same without it. My husband and I both loved the show. Thank God Medium didn’t get cancelled. I am so upset and it truly makes no sense! I hope some other network picks up the show or CBS changes their minds- if that is even a possibility. MAKES NO SENSE! What is the matter with the execs who make make these decisions? WHYYYYY??!!!!!

  19. Do not cancel Ghost Whisperer. Get some new writers to give the show some UMPH. Fire whoever wrote the episodes where Jim dies and comes back – stupid and not necessary. Also, not every life or show needs a child to make it complete. While cute, the kid contributes nothing. The pre-Jim dying stories were great.

  20. Big Big Mistake! Ghost Whisperer is like the Best show!!! I look forward to TV on Friday nights because of it. How stupid!

  21. RUINED MY SUMMER….nothing to look foward to i hope they realize that they made a mistake deleting ghost whisperer!!!!

  22. CBS is sooo stupid to cancel this show. Ghost Whisperer was the best show i have ever seen. I got so obssesed with this show and every friday my friends ask me to hang out and i say nope i cant i have to watch ghos whisperer. the story is great and whoever is canceling this is really stupid. I have al the seasons and have seen every episode and even read the book. ABC should really pick the show up becuz people are dissapointed already and if ABC picks it up then people would be sure to watch it. And since CBS is being reatarted if you really love this show as much as i do they have rerun episodes on ION telivision on wednesdays from 7-12, fridays from 9-12, saturday from 9-12, and sometimes sundays 9-12! I LOVE GHOSY WHISPERER!and no one likes medium they fricken talked to a pig in the last episode like wats up with that. CBS you are making a huge mistake.

  23. This was one really stupid move!!! that is a great show, me and my family look forward to it every week. I will be banning CBS from my home from now on. and I know most of my friends will be also, we are all really disapointed.

  24. NOOOO 🙁 I LOVE Ghost Whisperer!


  25. I used to love GW, yet since they jumped time and the stories have gotten darker-the “shines” and “shadows”, and her creepy son:-), I haven’t enjoyed it much, although I watch. I have been hoping that next season the show would return to what it used to be, but I guess they won’t have that chance. Maybe Melinda can go to sleep without her hair extensions, make-up, lashes, and push up bra now! eriously, I will miss the show, but not some of its more laughable and unenjoyable aspects.

  26. If CBS decided to cancel Ghost Whisperer, the least they owe the FANS would be a final season. I began watching CBS more and more because I started watching Ghost Whisperer. Why cancel GW and keep Medium? I can’t imagine Medium will create a good lead-in audience for CSI:NY. I have made it a point to be home Friday nights to watch GW because it is one of a few shows I enjoy.

    I will stop watching CBS. Although I love NCIS and began watching several other shows, I figure it will be a matter of time before they cancel those shows without a final season as well. Since I started watching them because I watched GW, I will stop because of how they treated GW.
    I hope ABC or another network picks up Ghost Whisperer. I will switch networks.

  27. I think that they canceled Ghost Whisperer! This is lame. I stop watching cbs till the first showing of chost Whisper cause they cut all my fave shows and then Ghost Whisperer came to the picture and I loved it as so did my kids. We would watch this every Friday. CBS you stink!

  28. I can’t believe CBS has canceled Ghost Whisperer! I lhave been faithful right from the beginning. I absolutely loved this show and am sooo bummed 🙁

  29. I also find nothing worth watching on CBS with the exception of Ghost Whisperer. This is a sad cancellation. I think that CBS is shooting themselve in the foot by cancelling it, and just for the record I do not watch medium. But that might just be because I can not stand looking at that Arquette woman. Oh well, such is life….walk into the light Ghost Whisperer you’ve had a great run,

  30. I have never missed any episodes and now this is to far. Even though this show didnt get huge ratings but people worked hard to keep this show going and ya just cut it off.but it will ok thnk u for 5 seasons of this show. i hope tht this show can get another chance to do wat they were doing in the beginning. Good Job Jennifer and the cast of this show

  31. For the Ghost Whisperer fans, there’s always ion channel which airs “Ghost Whisperer”. I wish they’d taken off Medium instead, that show is boring.

  32. Wow I have to say CBS was stupid to cancel Ghost Whisperer I love that show. I actually like it cuz was different from the same old stuff you see everyday. The only shows I will watch now is The Good Wife and CSI Miami

  33. I can’t believe that Ghost Whisperer is being cancelled. I am not a happy person. It is one of the few shows that really leaves you feeling good at the end of it. I too hope one of the other networks picks it up.

  34. This is very upsetting! I know a lot of people who watch Ghost Whisperer, I hope that another network picks it up. Just as it was getting really really good, and she was pregnant! Nice cliffhanger CBS.

  35. Very disappointing. There goes my Friday night TV option. While I like Patricia Arquette, Medium’s depiction of crimes is often quite brutal & depressing–I stopped watching years ago because of that & often turn it off in the middle now. Not an issue with GW–one of the few refuges from car chases, court rooms, and gunfights. Really sorry to see it go. Guess that’s why they make DVDs. 😉

  36. This sucks.I loved Ghost Whisper.However killing off Jim wasen’t to smart but so are half of the reality shows out there,cancel some of those and leave Ghost Whisperer alone.

  37. The cancellation of Ghost Whisperer really disappointing!! I stay home on Fridays because I loved to watch Ghost Whisperer, Medium, and Numbers. I really hope that another network picks it up, because it is really worth watching.

  38. Time now to just sit back and watch CBS implode. Two and a Half Men peaked and will be cancelled after this season. Moving Survivor and Big Bang also huge mistakes. The NCIS franchise still has some life in it, bit CSI is dead. Does CBS seriously think CSI: NY will pull in more viewers on a Friday night than Ghost Whisperer? Mike and Molly, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods will also be failures, for obvious reasons–mainly because they reek of banality. How could anyone at CBS talk themselves into these new shows? (I predict their only hit will be S— My Dad Says.) Here’s hoping everyone at CBS will be canned next year and some fresh, YOUNG blood hired!

  39. I am disappointed that Ghost Whisperer got canceled, but I can understand why they would give it the ax – there is only so much that you can do with a storyline like Ghost Whisperer – the fouled attempt to spice up the story line during the fourth season.
    I believe that the botched attempt to liven up the story line end up killing the show, and GW ended up losing quite a bit of viewers because of that. If you want proof, read the reviews on Amazon: people were really disappointed by the strange turn the show made when Jim got killed off and mysteriously returned. The five year jump also didn’t help matters, either…
    Anyhow, it was a fantastic show and it had a good run. At least I’m content with the knowledge that they’ll at least do the fans a favor and release the final season on DVD.

  40. I cannot believe Ghost Whisperer was cancelled. I love the show and watch every new episodes as well as the re-runs. I also and angry about Flashforward. TV is just not the same.

  41. They always cancel the good shows, Jericho, Moonlight, Ghost Whisperer, Miami Medical. Come on CBS actually listen to your fans instead of the stupid neilson ratings. Sick of getting attached to shows and the stupid executives yank them out from under you!

  42. I loved Ghost Whisperer. How can you cancel., I wait all week for it to be on and now it’s gone. Is there a possibity it will be back? Do you think a cable network will pick it up? I hope so.

  43. Ok this is bull. They keep going with CSI, and that show stinks now.. Now to take away the one show I looked foward to on Friday nights. CBS needs to pull their heads out of their butts. Hope the show gets picked up by another network… CBS you suck…

  44. I am absolutely devastated that Ghost whisperer has been cancelled. My Friday evenings were always dedicated to watching this show. I can’t believe it. My friday nights are just not the same

  45. me and my mom watch ghost whisperer all the time what the heck i cant believe they cancled it. it was one of my fav. shows to watch and it was like the only time me and my mom spent together

  46. Can’t beleive they cancelled GW are they crazy so much garbage on CBS and they cancel a show that has a huge fan base, someone doesn’t know what people want and is in the wrong profession picking and choseing TV shows.

  47. i can believe that ghost whisper was cancelled so was moonlight and garbage shows lik dsesperate house wifes stays cbs you are going dow the drain medium suks

  48. I can’t believe CBS cancelled Ghost Wisperer and Numbers, I wouldn’t go out on Friday because I loved the line up. When will CBS quit messing with the schedules and shows people actually watch. I am becoming a fan of TNT and ION. At least I like those shows.

  49. Why did they cancel Ghost Whisperer!!?…..That show is my favorite…. i have been watching that show since the first season and i still watch the reruns..lol…..but anyways CBS needs to bring Ghost whisperer back like ASAP not for one more season but for forever!!!!!!!!.

  50. This is b.s. CBS. If you are gonna start something, try finishing it. Don’t waste my time with half-finished material. You wouldn’t want your employees to give you half-baked work, why should i… you’re fired!

  51. Old Christine was brilliantly fun, simple, and hilarious. No major commitment and we received the brilliance of supreme comedy. Julia Louis Dreyfus is magic. She is so freakin’ funny! See you later CBS. You keep getting it wrong. Hope you enjoy life in the ranks of NBC. Nothing but bad decisions!

  52. CBS you suck ass,how could you take off ghost whisperer?????I hate tv as it is,but I went out of my way to watch it EVERYTIME It came on! Is there a protest sheet,list,whatever?

  53. It seems every time I find a show that is worth watching, it gets yanked! Whether it’s CBS or whatever… Like “Northern Exposure,” “Men in Trees,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Old Christine.” My tastes don’t run towards medical, cop, or game shows. I can’t stand reality and chase shows. Like another respondent, I tend to watch ION, TNT, and Hallmark now. I wish “Doc Martin” on WMPT was on more often too! Love him!

  54. That just Sucks CBS just take all the good ones off!! 🙁 looks like we won’t watch your chanel anymore!!!

  55. stupid CBS you suck eggs, ghost whisperer is the best channel and im only 13 for my age and i love that show its the best show in the whole fucking world and u have to delete it no more fuckin watching CBS i love ghost whisperer :'(

  56. I am just so saddened by the cancellaion of GW. It was mu favorite show, so so many reasons, my belief in the afterworld, and the inspiring loving relationship between Mel and Jim. it was a bonding experience for my family so gather Friday nights and watch GW then Medium. It is an absolute travesty. And we the viewers are given no an answers,, like the Book of Shadows, or changes, or Aiden’ts talents manifested. And no farewell episode. An unfair cheat all fans. Shame on you Cbs. And cast and crew of GW, we love you and appreciate all your hard work. Melissa, I have nothing but admiration and affection for you. Good luck in all you do, and all of you… I remain always your loyal fan.

  57. No Ghost Whisperer any more! What a bad move. I am now watching NBC in that time slot. Hopfully someone is smarter that you and pick it up. Even the reruns are better that 90% of the other shows on TV. Specially CBS!

  58. Where are these ratings coming from — was looking to find when Ghost Whisperer and other shows were starting – and here I find they are cancelled…..Old Christine was a good and funny show too!

  59. Yes Julia Louis Dreyfus is Magic! I AM Old Christine and I used to laugh til it hurt! ABC? Here’s your chance. I was dumbfounded when I searched for that show and found it canceled, what are you thinking? Good luck with those crap comedies you left on. (Big Bang aside) CBS has no laughter! And Ghost Whisperer? You have got to be kidding me! Keep Medium? I only watched that because it followed G.W.

  60. i love ghost wisperer and CBS needs to start it back up next year please and for you others watch WE tv for reruns of ghost wisperer

  61. im am so sad about ghost whisperer , i loved that show, thats the only time i ever watch anything from cbs ,

  62. Really enjoyed ghost whisperer, made a big mistake taking it off the air. leave the junk on and take off something that is heartfelt.
    some people believe in ghost which I don’t but it was like they say very entertaining.
    big mistake cbs

  63. I can’t believe CBS cancelled GW! What a looser station! Old Christine was a great show also. CBS now sucks! Thanks for disappointing so many!

  64. I loved Ghost Whisperer, it was one of the best shows on t.v. I am very disappointed that it was cancelled…Why not take off some of that other crap that nobody watches and leave the good stuff alone….think that the ratings dropped before just wait…

  65. I still laugh at the re-runs of Old Chhristine. I loved it. But I loved Moonlight and a bunch of others that shocked me when they were dumped. We have CSI in Vegas, New York and Miami….Really???? There were so many time slots available for her show. I don’t understand TV programing..I think that says something for my intellect thugh…

  66. I JUST started watching GW & I love it. I couldn’t wait for new episodes and to my dismay there will be none. I think as soon as they killed Jim & beyond the ratings must have tanked. Why not try a new revamp and/or a new day/time slot to see if the fans will come back and they would have. 10 mil + a week on a Fri night that’s solid !!! too bad

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