Olivia Munn nude photos are phony she says!

Those Olivia Munn nude photos going around the Net? They are total fakes, the model, comedian and “The Daily Show” correspondent has allegedly proclaimed. Sources close to the actress reportedly say the actress claims the so-called Olivia Munn nude photos going around are absolutely not real.

The alleged Olivia Munn nude pics hit the Internet this weekend, along with some slightly less provocative shots in lingerie and swimwear. The photos show a woman, supposedly Olivia Munn, in skimpy bras and underwear in some shots and buck naked in one full frontal.

According to TMZ.com, some of the photos are probably actually real. The ones where the actress is clothed in lingerie or swimwear may have simply been pulled from sexy photos previously posted by the actress on Twitter or her blog. The ones where the woman’s face is hidden, however, are allegedly phony. This includes the alleged full frontal Olivia Munn nude photo being passed around.

Rumor has it that the faceless photos are actually just someone with a body similar to Munn’s trying to make people think it is her. Why? Probably in an attempt to make some kind of profit from selling them somewhere.

Frankly, Olivia Munn shows off so much of her body on such a regular basis that it seems silly to care about whether or not she has actual nude photos online. Just do a Google image search and have a little imagination to ignore those tiny little bits of fabric she usually wears.

Regardless, we urge you NOT to click on any link proclaiming to have these alleged Olivia Munn nude photos available for public viewing. These claims are 99.9% falso most of the time and usually lead to the person clicking coming down with a nasty computer virus or mourning a melted hard drive.

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