Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte 90210 Cameo!

2012 London Olympics gold medalist Ryan Lotche is all kinds of ready to parlay his fame from the Games into a Hollywood career. Ryan Lochte has already expressed interest in starring on The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars. Now we hear he’s already landed a cameo on the CW teen drama 90120.

Ryan Lotche has announced he plans to move to Hollywood, where it looks like he is looking to use Olympic gold to pave his way into a career on film. Rumors have been swirling Lotche might just be in line for future gigs on Dancing With the Stars or even The Bachelor, both of which he’d love to jump on.

Meanwhile, however, Ryan Lotche fans can catch him next in a cameo role in the CW’s 901210 remake. He will not be in the pool this time, but we’re still hoping the producers will manage to find some way to feature him with his shirt off.

“When we found out Ryan Lochte was going to be in town and might appear on 90210, we felt like we’d won a gold medal,” 90210 executive producers Patti Carr and Lara Olsen said in a joint press statement. “Team USA are all-stars in our book, and we’re so excited he’s making an appearance on the show.”

“We only wish the episode was a surf event so we could have gotten [him] in the water,” Carr and Olsen said. “But he deserves a little rest on dry land.”

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