Omarosa Says Real Housewives Star Bethenny Frankel’s Husband is Gay

Former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigualt-Stallworth has come out swinging after Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel dissed her during an appearance on The View. Frankel said on The View Thursday that she could not be compared to Omarosa because she had made a “real career” out of her reality TV fame.

'Real Housewives of New York' star Bethenny Frankel on 'The View' (ABC)

“I think she’s an interesting example because she used [her time on a reality show] to be infamous,” Frankel said of Omarosa. “I have a real career. I have a brand, I have a very popular cocktail, I have two New York Times Bestsellers, I have my own show.”

Omarosa, known for her allegedly terrible temper and tendency to rant angrily about whatever pisses her off, slammed back at Frankel over the comments.

“The gloves are off,” Omarosa said, according to “Today [Bethenny Frankel] tried to act like her show was superior to my new show and her book was superior to my book or her career was superior,” Omarosa said. “I was surprised that she went there with me!! She got her start or the Apprentice just like me. She is on a NBC show just like I was. She is making a living in the world of reality just like me.”

Taking things to an even nastier level, Omarosa said Frankel had a tummy tuck after giving birth and lied about losing her baby weight naturally. Even snarkier, Omaraso said everyone knows Frankel’s husband, Jason Hoppy, is gay “but we never said anything – because she was HAPPY.”

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15 thoughts on “Omarosa Says Real Housewives Star Bethenny Frankel’s Husband is Gay”

  1. Omarosa get a life…. you cannot compare yourself to Bethanny…. you are a total loser…. she has class, brains and beauty…. you are JEALOUS. And for your information she is NOT on NBC…. she is on BRAVO… so get your story straight. And ah what happen to your husband???? sweety…. go back from where you came……

  2. Omarosa needs to crawl back in her hole and just shut up. Omarosa is famous for her vile, temper and people hating her. Bethenny is famous for her wit and people love her. TOtally different. Obviously, marosa doesn’t get it – lack of self awareness.

    And if Jason is gay and Bethenny had a tummy tuck, Omarosa was a man… okay, even if Jason is not gay and Bethenny didn’t have a tummy tuck, Omarosa was still a male.

  3. Sorry people, Bethanny is NOT all that. There were reports she drank when she was pregnant and her supposed talent is just that, supposed. Let’s be real, she’s not exactly Top Chef Masters material.

    Same with Omarosa. She shouldn’t be talking smack about anyone elses marriage considering hers ended. Maybe her husband was gay too so that’s why she’s so able to pick them out.

  4. Omarosa’s probably right LOL. Reminds me of Star Jones and her husband “Big Gay” Al. When the truth comes out months from now, Omarosa will be like “Ha! I called it”. And to Chris, nothing wrong with being gay but why would a heterosexual woman want to marry a (supposedly) gay guy and vice versa?

  5. @tricks.. whoever you are… get your story straight. Bethanny DID NOT drink while pregnant. She was on Andy Cohen’s show and was having a drink last nigth and made the comment that it’s okay to have one drink…. SHE IS BREAST FEEDING YOU DOPE! And don’t bother writing back that she shouldn’t be drinking at ALL while breast feeding….

  6. I thought Omarosa gave up the evil acting and trading it in for a more spritual life of preaching? looks like she is back up to her old tricks again. And how can she speak of somoeone else husband, when she lost hers, i dont like either one of the women, but like someone already said Beth F. will find out soon enough if her hubby is really gay. Maybe she will be able to take the gayness longer than Starr Jones was able to will big gay al. People had pics of her gay husband giving head/oral sex to another man, and she was so desperate to get married, she still went ahead with the marriage, and now she looks like a damn fool, with her unemployed self, Did u heard what she did on entertainmen tonite to Neisy Nash, that got Star Jones fired off the show and escorted of the set, she is a very jealous person, who knows maybe big ole gay al is dating beth f. husband, and beth likes to watch with the new baby, while breast

  7. People, people, shut it! Bethanny is ugly and is doing the same thing Omarosa does to make a living! Just because Omarosa doesn’t let people walk over her doesn’t mean she is aggresive or evil. Most white woman don’t speak up…go behind close doors and become addicted to prescription pills. Black women will let you know right at that point if they have something to say…unlike some who go home to their husbands doing pilliow talk…

  8. Bethanny started this…she said it first and Omarosa replied so whats the big deal? You people who are taking up for Bethanny have no back bone and let people walk over you. Just because her marriage failed means nothing! Dude being gay is way worse I don’t care how you slice the pie. I would be livid if my husband was Fukking a dude. (just sayin) Bethanny is in denial he’s gay sweety

  9. You people crack me up. Omarosa IS a man. Period. And, she is like a G list celeb at best. She needed this press, bad!

    Go Bethenny – people are so afraid of your straight forward awesomeness.

  10. I actually liked Bethany until the season 3 reunion show and I disliked Omarosa until her new show aired. Bethanny needs to hold back her comments. She was very cocky and ugly on the reunion show. What she said about Omarosa was just as cocky and ugly. Omarosa had every right to back that chick up. If Bethanny dont want somneone to insult her, then she needs to stop insulting others. She deserved that.

  11. Bethanny is so ugly and she is not funny at all even though she tries to be. Why are you married to a gay man? On your show you were so mean to your wedding planner, if I were him I would have told you to F off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @SHAWN…Thank God you weren’t her wedding planner… you’re going to believe OmaGROSSO…. come on… it’s obvious she is very jealous of Bethanny!!! Love Bethanny!!! Her show is GREAT!!!

  13. Wow, so many haters!! I’m sorry but who would want to be compared to Omarosa? Would you? If you knew anything about Bethenny Frankel you’d know she’s a natural foods chef and she’s all about healthy alternative cooking, not trying to work at a 5 star restaurant as a top chef!!! These two ladies are totally different and Bethenny said it right, Omarisa is Omarosa, she’s just known for being a dumb bitch, but really what has she done, what is her career exactly and has she built her own brand that consumers are eating up like hot cakes? Sure Frankels a reality star but there was a foundation there before she went on tv, she was building a brand and used tv as a platfor.. She had a bake goods business called Bethenny Bakes, which went off the market when she launched her new cocktail brand and so on.., who hasn’t used tv as a platform? To address the gay comment, it’s just so pathetic that she’d even try to go there, what a sad miserable person.. Since when did being a regular good guy turn you into a homosexual? I think some people just don’t like to see others have it all, it’s called being a jealous vindictive troll!!!

  14. Bethenny is amazing. Don’t know about Omarosa, all I know is her name which shows that she’s not that important. WHOOHOOO Bethenny, you’re a genius!

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