Omer Bhatti, Michael Jackson’s Secret Child? New Footage And Pics!


Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti

The internet is burning up with people looking for more info on Omer Bhatti…the possible love child of Michael Jackson. Omer is a Norwegian rapper who goes by the stage name “O-Bee”. He’s said to be seeking a DNA test to prove he’s Michael’s son. One thing seems certain – Omer has had a personal relationship with Michael Jackson for the past 13 years.


Michael and Omer as a child

As we reported earlier, some say Omer is the product of a one night stand in 1984, with Omer’s mother Pia Bhatti. Some stories say that Pia use to be one of Michael’s nurses, and that Omer had lived at the Neverland Ranch in the 1990s. However, there are other unconfirmed reports that Michael did not meet Pia until 1996. Most, however, agree that Omer first met Michael Jackson in 1996 and moved to Neverland Ranch in 1997

25 year-old Omer would be Michael Jackson’s oldest child, and he bears a striking resemblance to Michael’s youngest son Blanket…and to Michael himself before he went completely surgery-crazy. Could Pia be Blanket’s secret mother?! Is Omer little Blanket’s full-blooded brother??

Omer and Blanket

Michael’s brother Jermaine has reportedly stated that Omer would be welcomed into the family if he could prove that he is Michaels son. Fox reported that the Bhatti family refuses to rule out the possibility that Jackson could be Omer’s father.

Here’s some new Jackson family video footage that allegedly shows Omer at Christmas time. What do you think? Is Omer Michael Jackson’s long-lost love-child?

20 thoughts on “Omer Bhatti, Michael Jackson’s Secret Child? New Footage And Pics!”

  1. After viewing the video during Christmas time at Michael Jackson’s home and took a good look at Omer and Michael together, he can be Michael’s son. I must say Omer and Michael Jackson have some similarities of one another. Only a DNA test will be conclusive. As far as Michael’s younger son, Blanket, I am not certain if Blanket is Omer’s younger brother. The Jackson family have strong similarities to one other. I have three children from the same father. My second son look like my mother’s side of the family and my other two children look like each other. All of the Jackson family look like each other. You know a Jackson when you see them. Don’t get me wrong, Omer is a very handsome young man. I am hoping he will go ahead and get a DNA test done to see if he is really Michael Jackson’s son. Good luck to you Omer.

  2. i do have to say that omer looks just like mj take a good look of his eyes and chin mayb he is a lighter boy but he looks just like him i hope they find out soon and live mj rip is ust to much for some one that is dead he need to rip

  3. yeah he looks just like him but i think erika is right they need to find out what’s really going on is they need to let him R.I.P

  4. the kid looks like Michael and Janet and Latoya and ALL the other jacksons NOW, AFTER they have all had rhinoplasty etc, done since the early 80’s. So you can’t say there is a resemblence to any Jackson. However hoping that little Prince is still surgery free He resembles little Prince. Maybe all the Jacksons have had so much surgery done to look like their new younger family members. Just take a look at all the Jackson 5 members from years ago….Now THAT is your DNA not photos of Jacko just 6 months ago. Geez people!

  5. I think it’s really sad to see that the kids Michael did all he could to protect from publicity, are now pictured everywhere. I think it’s sad that Joe has got anything to do with the kids, knowing that Michael have told that he beat him an was tyrannic towards him and his siblings growing up. And as to Omer being Michaels son, I don’t know. But Omer himself sais it’s not true. Maybe it’s the truth, or maybe he just want to protect himself, as obviosely Michael himself tried to do with all his kids.

    I read all kinds of speculations about whos the biological father og Michaels children… Well, If there has been one blue eyed, fair skinned person in Michaels pedigree, that gene could reccesively have been carried down to these kids. So it is actuelly possible that blue eyes and feir skin could suddenly pop up when he mix his genes with a person who have two of these reccesive genes, wich his former wife must have had since she had the features… Usual? No, since Michael also needs to have a dark eyes/dark skin gene, that is dominant. But actually a 50% chance. And knowing Michaels tendency to do things out of the normal, and that the children was beeing artificially “created”, isn’t it possible he tested the sperm for dna? He could make a list of features he wanted, and they could find the right sperm cells for the children. ” I want a girl, with light skin, blue eyes, brown hair and a narrow nose.” “And I want a boy with light hair, brown eyes, narrow nose, and a light complection.” “OK, Mr. Jackson. Will do, Mr Jackson!”

    So, it’s possible! Why don’t we leave the poor children alone? Everyone who come forward now, claiming to be one or the others father, don’t respect Michaels wishes. He wanted to be their father, and weather he was the biological or adoptive father, doesn’t matter. He was theri fater. The only one they have known. And the only one they should have to know. He also wanted to protect them from the public. I hope his sister can do that for him. I hope the children can decide for them self later in life if they want to be a public person or not…

    But I know they won’t be able to, and it breaks my heart!

  6. Omer& Blanket, Are Indeed Blood Brothers, & Their Parents Are Indeed Michael Jackson, & Pia Bhatti.Omer Has Now Changed His Name To Omer Michael Bhatti, Now All That’s Left For Him To Do, Is Change His Last Name To Jackson, But Then Again He Shouldn’t, Because He Saw What The Media Put His Father Though!!!

  7. Omer, Was Never At Anytime, A Long Lost Son, He Has Always Been Present, People Just Never Took The Time. To Notice Him, Amongst Mike’s Bodyguards He’s Always With His Lil Brother Blanket, Just Check Out Some Of The Pics, The Media Or Who Ever Manage To Took Of Them!! On He Has Lived Both With His Father At Neverland, & At The Encino Mansion, With His Grandmother!!!


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