Omer Bhatti Says He’s Not Michael Jackson Love Child

After sitting with Michael Jackson’s family at the pop icon’s funeral, rumors flew that 25 year-old Omer Bhatti was a secret Michael Jackson love child. A childhood resemblance to Michael Jackson in photos and videos fueled the rumors that Bhatti was Jackson’s biological son. However, Bhatti is reportedly now denying the claims he is Jackson’s secret son – saying that the late music superstar was just his “best friend.”


“Michael is not my father,” Omer Bhatti reportedly told a friend, who repeated the conversation to London’s Mirror. “He and I were just very, very close.” Bhatti allegedly told friend Ricky Harlow that he was seated with the family at the Michael Jackson funeral because he was his “closest friend not because I am his son.”

Omer Bhatti lived for eight years with his parents, who worked for Jackson, at the singer’s Neverland Ranch.  Bhatti allegedly stated that his mother, Pia Bhatti, never had an affair with Michael Jackson – despite rumors that she and Jackson had a one night stand in Oslo in 1984.

Not all of the Jackson family is apparently so sure about Omer Bhatti’s parentage. Jermaine Jackson recently stated that Bhatti would be welcomed into the family should it be proved he was Michael Jackson’s son. Bhatti returned home to Norway following Jackson’s memorial services.

Official results of the Michael Jackson autopsy are expected to be released within the next few days.

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