OMG! Robert Pattinson CUT HIS HAIR!!!!!

Holy crap, the Twilight twinklers are gonna have tweenstrokes. Robert Pattinson cut his freakin’ greasy mop-hair! It looks like he may have also FINALLY showered. And the sequel starts filming in 3 months! FREAKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas, girls! Bawhahahahahahohohoho!!

photo credit: WENN

4 thoughts on “OMG! Robert Pattinson CUT HIS HAIR!!!!!”

  1. Haha, yes a bunch of 12 yr olds jumped off 3 story buildings. No, they handled it surprisingly well. I really liked the crazy do he had before, but after seeing the new do. I kinda prefer it. I think this man looks hott no matter what’s on his head.

  2. I would have to agree. I think he looks good either way and for god’s sake, it’s his hair let him do what he wants to with it. It’ll probably grow back by the time the sequel starts filming.

  3. i like his hair either way i dont know why everyone makes a deal about his hair being washed or not its his sexy eyes and smile that makes him not his hair

  4. I like it….but i would have liked it better if he left on a inch or two. but I <3 him no matter whats on his head! <3

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