Once Upon a Time Goes Gay With Bisexual Character Reveal!

If you are one of the fans who enjoyed ‘shipping Once Upon a Time characters Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sara Bolger), we’re betting your hearts broke just a little on Sunday night! We are thrilled that OUAT decided to bring a LGBT character out of the closet on the show but did they have to make us cry when they did it?

Once Upon a Time Mulan and Aurora

On Sunday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time season 3 “Quite a Common Fairy” (and we are laughing at the irony of that title), most of the action was all about the plotline of saving Henry (again) from the clutches of evil magic (again). A bit of side plot, however, involved Mulan and Robin Hood helping Neal get to Neverland so he can help Emma and the gang with their quest to find Henry.

After they launch Neal off to Neverland, Robin Hood offers Mulan a place with his Merry Men. She tells him that first she needs to talk to someone “before it’s too late.” He asks if it is a “loved one” she needs to speak with and she says, “we shall see.”

Mulan goes to find Aurora and tells her that she is “gathering her courage” and needs to speak with her. But before Mulan can reveal what we can only assume is a passionate “I love you and I need you” speech to Aurora, the former Sleeping Beauty blurts out her own news — she’s pregnant!

Aurora: How long have you been there? What are you doing?
Mulan: Just finding my courage. … Is Phillip here?
Aurora: No, shall I get him?
Mulan: No, that’s unnecessary. It’s you I wanted to talk to. You see… Why are you smiling at me?
Aurora: I can tell you were bursting with news, but so am I. … Phillip and I are expecting a baby!
Mulan: That’s excellent news.
Aurora: It’s like a dream come true. Please, please, tell me your news.
Mulan: I’m joining Robin Hood’s band.
Aurora: You’re leaving us?
Mulan: I’m afraid so. Goodbye.

Stopped in her tracks, Mulan looks totally devastated as she hugs Aurora but doesn’t let it show when they are face to face. After a brief goodbye, Mulan turns and walks away as Aurora watches her leave. Unknown to Aurora, Mulan is shattered by grief with tears welling up in her eyes at the loss of her love.

Mulan previously appeared to have a big crush on Aurora’s now husband, Prince Phillip in the beginning of Once Upon a Time season 2 — which means she’s possibly one of the very few bisexual characters to ever be featured on prime-time TV in a positive way.

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