One Direction’s Zayn Malik Breaks Down On Charity Trip to Ghana

One Direction’s Zayn Malik breaks down on charity trip to Ghana. One Direction fans are getting a very personal look inside the do-gooder trip they took to Ghana last month. In a new video, the Brit boybanders are shedding light on the very serious health problems that plague the African country.


“I’m a little bit nervous and scared of what I might see,” Zayn Malik says while he and his pals visit a hospital for sick children. “But we’ve come here today to have a look at what our money can do to help.” “Walking through the hospital, it’s heartbreaking to see children so sick,” Louis Tomlinson says. “From malnutrition to pneumonia, there’s an air of tension and sadness in the wards.”

Malik gets choked up when learning how a small donation can help provide vaccinations for sick children. “This is why it’s ridiculous because it only costs £5,” an emotional Malik says before being brought to tears.

Check out the video to see more about 1D’s charity trip and to find out how you can donate to help the cause.