UPDATE & One Reporter’s Night With Amy Winehouse

UPDATE:Amy Winehouse was rushed to hospital on Monday (July 28) because a friend spiked her drink with ecstasy, according to reports this morning (July 30). Newspapers are claiming that Mitch Winehouse is “certain” someone administered his daughter the drug, and also state that the results of a toxicology test on the star are imminent.

Winehouse was rushed to University College Hospital in central on monday (July 28) after reportedly suffering a reaction to medication she was taking involved with her drug rehabilitation. However, according to reports, it is claimed Mitch Winehouse is now believed to have informed police of his suspicions that his daughter’s convulsions were because of ecstasy being put in her drink. However another report claims that the singer suffered a reaction to her medication after downing shots of rum before taking her usual 11 tablets.

This awful picture of Amy Winehouse was taken this week, before she was rushed to the emergency room for a “medication mix-up”. Yesterday, as 24-year-old Amy was discharged from London’s University College Hospital, her father Mitch, 54, said: “Amy had a bad reaction to some medication. She took two doses instead of one by mistake.” He denied that his daughter had taken a deliberate drug overdose.

One journalist was spontaneously invited to the singer’s Camden flat about a month ago, and tells how she witnessed firsthand the disturbing squalor in which she exists. This is life with crazy, trusting, falling-off-a-cliff Amy Winehouse.
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