Oslo Explosion Videos Shows Horrifying Aftermath of Possible Car Bomb

The horrifying aftermath of a possible terrorist attack in Norway can be seen in scores of Oslo explosion videos flooding onto the Net. Massive amounts of debris litters the street in front of the government headquarters in Oslo, where an explosion tore through the building just before 3:30PM local time on Friday. According to the latest reports, at least 8 people were injured and the death toll may have risen to two. According to police officials, the explosion may have been a terrorist attack with a car bomb.

The Oslo explosion left several injured and at least one person dead. Norwegian State Secretary Kristian Amundsen told the BBC that some people may still be trapped in the buildings damaged by the blast. Dozens of Oslo explosion videos showing the aftermath of the possible terrorist attack have already made their way to the Net.

In this video taken directly after the Oslo explosion, people can be seen wandering through the wreckage-littered street in confusion. The rising sounds of sirens can be heard while a lone police or security officer directs people away from the damaged area.

A video from a what appears to be a personal camera or cell phone shows crowds of people hovering anxiously near the scene of the bombing. One clip shows what appears to be an injured person being treated on a sidewalk. A zoomed in view of the damaged area shows broken glass and other debris littering the street, while the building next to it gapes open with nearly all its windows blown out.

A video report from Sky News shows people fleeing from the explosion area and a cloud of black smoke emerging from one building. According to reports, the smoke was rising from a building housing the oil ministry, which caught on fire from the blast.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion, which police now believe the blast was most likely caused by a car bomb. The explosion is believed to have occurred just outside the Prime Minister’s office at the government headquarters building. The Norwegian government has been allegedly targeted by Al Qaeda for their actions against alleged members of the terrorist group.

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