Over 100 Hollywood Celebs Sign Petition for Roman Polanski Release

Over 100 Hollywood celebrities, including Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese, have signed an online petition demanding the release of Oscar-winning director Roman Polanksi. Polanski was arrested In Switzerland on a 1978 warrant for sexually assaulting 13-year-old Samantha Geimer.


Hollywood notables such as David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar have also signed the petition asking for the release of Roman Polanski, known for such films as The Pianist and Rosemary’s Baby. Polanski was arrested at the Zurich airport on his way to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival. Polanski has stated he will fight his arrest and extradition to the U.S. on the 30-year-old warrant.

“If only in the name of this friendship between our two countries, we demand the immediate release of Roman Polanski,” the petition states. “Film festivals the world over have always permitted works to be shown and for filmmakers to present them freely and safely, even when certain States opposed this,” the petition says. “The arrest of Roman Polanski in a neutral country, where he assumed he could travel without hindrance, undermines this tradition.”

While we can understand why Woody Allen would sign such a petition, considering he had no qualms about marrying his own adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, we’re a little shocked how many Hollywood celebs are defending a man who drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and then ran from the country rather than face punishment for his crimes.

It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how long ago the crime was or even that the victim, Samantha Geimer, has said she doesn’t care anymore. Letting Polanski slide would basically just be telling any would-be child molestor/rapist that if you commit a heinous crime and manage to escape punishment long enough, we’ll just let you get away with it. No matter how you slice it, that’s just wrong.

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71 thoughts on “Over 100 Hollywood Celebs Sign Petition for Roman Polanski Release”

  1. I heard a good suggestion. Instead of making the petition about releasing Polanski it should be stated as a petition for the social approval of drugging and raping a 13-year-old child. Then let’s see how many Hollywood’ers would sign that. It’d sure help make my list of movies I want to see shorter!

  2. I think it’s bullshit. it’s gotten way over-board! Polanski didn’t flee after it happened. He actually stayed and did time (very short but still did it) then was acquitted. I am in NO way saying it’s ok for this monstrosity to happen – to anyone – EVER! but 30 yrs. later? Even after the person dropped everything and said she doesn’t care?!? Come on. Bunch of bull

  3. @Bee: Polanksi did not serve time. He fled just before sentencing. Being held prior to sentencing does not equate to serving time. Whoopi Goldberg was helping to spread that false rumor the other day on The View when she claimed it wasn’t “rape rape”. Right…

    Um, I’m also pretty sure he was not acquitted. Doesn’t matter if the girl wants to move on with her life. That just means she won’t pursue a civil trial.

    30 years later or 300 years later, Polanski still drugged and raped a child. He ran because he was guilty (he pleaded guilty!) and faced jail time. I hope he finally faces that judgment.

  4. Let’s make it even shorter Matt, can anyone get the petition showing the names of those that sign and we can BOYCOTT ALL THEIR MOVIES by placing that petition on EVERY WEBSITE INCLUDING TWITTER. Since we “made” these actors, it’s time to “break” these actors from assuming that they are above all levels of the LAW. This was a CHILD, he was CONVICTED. he RAN. You OWE that DEBT TO SOCIETY AND THE LAW. I’m not giving a DAMN ABOUT YOUR MOVIES…it CALLED ENTERTAINMENT…There’s more than you out there making MOVIES.

  5. Yvonne, I made a petition on iPetition. It has a link to all the names. I’m calling for exactly what you are thinking.

  6. Bee, come on… he wasn’t acquitted. You’re misinformed. He plead guilty, and left the country before his sentencing. He broke the law in doing so…

    and a 42 day psych evaluation in a cozy california celebrity prison is hardly “doing time.”

  7. Everyone, please watch HBO documentary (you can get it on Netflix)-“Polanski-Wanted and Desired”. Then you would stop saying all this nonsense and stop accusing him.
    It was a judicial misconduct! Just watch it and you will know it all.
    Woody Allen did such a brave thing signing this petition! Bravo! He knew everyone is going to remember his ‘sins’. What a brave man!
    He doesn’t care about your opinion. That why he’s who he is. The greatest director of our time.. and a brave man.

  8. Inna what freakin planet are you from? He has broken the law and needs to pay his debt to society. Looking the other way condones this horrible behavior.Anyone who defends him should be seen for a psych evaluation. Hit those who defend him where it hurts, in thier pocketbooks. I will not purchase or puchase anything from any company that has anything to do with any of these people who are defending him. Its time we all take a stand for what we believe in.

  9. @Inna: The lawyer who claimed to have guided the judge toward imposing jail time has retracted his comment. He said he lied in the documentary you’re citing. This news came out late last night.

    So your claim of judicial misconduct falls flat. That didn’t happen.

    But let’s say it did. You’re saying that would somehow excuse a man from drugging and sodomizing a child?? I would never wish on anyone what you’re saying is okay.

  10. Inna and Bee,
    stop feeding on what teh press and the actors of this world ie the View feed you!..”It wasnt rape rape” wow great one Whoopi…

  11. If Polanski was a poor minority man he would be rotting in prison and no one would care. If he were a RC priest people would be glad to have him sentenced no matter how many years later and rightly so. If it were the daughter of these celebs supporting him, I doubt they would say aww, that’s okay you make good movies. Send him to jail.

  12. Snowy:

    Can you give me more info to this link…the only thing I saw, was which Michael Jordan sign…..how do you have it worded for me to sign.

  13. I have an idea! Let’s get everyone who cares about this to care about HEALTH CARE SINGLE PAYER.

  14. It turns out that not only Polanski is above the law, but so are all other hollywood celebrities…
    For me, by signing this petition, all these “artists” are simply saying that the rape of a child is a not a serious crime if you happen to be talented and well connected. How about they rally together to defend other child rapists? If morality is not on the menu, perhaps they could be coherent and accept the implications of what they are standing for.. (or better DEMANDING).

  15. Cameron,

    You know what else is wrong? LYING.

    Did you actually LOOK at the petition before you wrote that headline? It’s not even remotely true. Good luck finding even 35 Hollywood celebrities on that list. It’s almost entirely French people. You’re a moron, and your article is a lie.

  16. @James: What are you talking about? The article references the petition signed by many Hollywood celebs. You must be looking at something else. Cameron is correct.

    @Betty: Are you trying to equate Single Payer Health Care with rape and sodomy? Hmm… it just might work!

  17. Bee doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He was in psychiatric observation for 45 day! That is not time The deal was cut by the DA but not yet approved by the judge. All crimes are against the state, in this case California. Everyone is saying he is being persecuted because he is Roman Polanski. It was BECAUSE he was Roman Polanski that he was offered a lesser charge plea agreement! Child Rape, and that is what it was, is inexcusable. Let these Hollywood Starts agree that child rape is OK and go from there. They can’t keep hiding from what the crime was.

  18. PLease would someone publish the petition. I would like to know who is all the list so I can make sure I do not actually buy anything that they may profit from. This is another case of Hollywood not being touch with the country. But when celebrities endorse a Republican or Democrat President the American people jump on the bandwagon.

  19. Let’s go over this slowly for the simple minded. Polanski gave a 13 year old child alcohol and drugs. He then raped anally her. Now, for all the Polanski supporters, think back to when you were a child and imagine that being done to you by a 40 year old man. Then go ahead and continue to defend and deify that sick monster. Oh, and you can bet your life, Polanski has a lot more victims out there that we just don’t know about.

  20. Indeed, using the word Hollywood was a euphemism for “film industry”, so technically you are correct that there are a lot of “French” people on the list. Well, actually, French, Italian, Polish, English, etc. people that work in film. Wording could have been better perhaps, but the gist is the same. 🙂

  21. I don’t understand what is so difficult about this. The girl was 13, she said no, she was given alcohol and possibly drugs to disorient her and then… she was freaking raped. Why are people having such a hard time accepting this?

    This whole thing has just made me realized how far we HAVEN’T come in this society. People still blame the victim. They still side with rapists. As a rape survivor myself, this whole thing is nauseating.

    Thank God for people like Kirstie Alley who still have a shred of decency left in them

  22. Roman Polanski is a bad image to all the Polish Poeple of the world…she was just a child and 13 is a child, man!

  23. There is no excuse -ever- for statutory rape. BUT the girl already received a settlement from a civil suit: millions. The girl’s mother brought her to the party, looking to get her in a Polanski film and and it was not the first time. The girl had already had sex before and had used drugs and alcohol before. This is Hollywood in the 70s and hello! he’s French! alcohol, pot, sex, teenagers and old men- are you kidding?

    I cannot stand to think of this great and tormented man in jail.

  24. I cannot believe how much misinformation is in the above posts. I have followed Polanski for years, anguished & ambivalent at so many of the events in his life. Watch the film…RP, Wanted and desired. It is very well done and shows why this case is so different.

  25. “I cannot stand to think of this great and tormented man in jail.”

    Then you’d be shocked at how easily resigned I am to the prospect. Auf wiedersehen, Roman.

  26. good god, Luisa. Come up with some intelligent reasons for defending him if you’re going to defend him. “Wanted and Desired” if you do your research, was entirely biased.

    as for this tripe: “BUT the girl already received a settlement from a civil suit: millions. “The girl’s mother brought her to the party, looking to get her in a Polanski film and and it was not the first time. The girl had already had sex before and had used drugs and alcohol before. This is Hollywood in the 70s and hello! he’s French! alcohol, pot, sex, teenagers and old men- are you kidding?”

    Translation: “Polanski was, like, totally set up to drug and rape that girl! And it’s her fault for being a 13 year-old girl who was drugged and raped by Polanski! Wanted and Desired proves it!”
    Yeah, I pretty much don’t regret my decision to not take you seriously. What are you, twelve? Either way, you are sickening.

  27. OMG INNA, of course Woody Allen signed the petition! He raped his own daughter. What planet are you living in. I had a 13 year old daughter, two of them actually and I’d have begged them to jail him for the maximum amount of time. Look at a 13 year old sometime. I think anyone who signed that petition has something to hide and I’m going to look at them differently from now on.

  28. Dear Hollywood Meester Beegs, stop having sex with 13 year old girls.

    Dear Hollywood Meester Beegs, stop covering up for your friends that have sex with 13 year old girls.

    Dear Hollywood Meester Beegs, stop lying to protect your beeg friends from being convicted of having sex with 13 year old girls.

    Every one of you Big Wig Hollywood moguls who condones this type of behavior…..I wish you the best. That is, I hope this type of crime happens to your family. Then let’s see how YOU feel.

    Bunch of God D***** HYPOCRITES!!

  29. INNA,

    Is this Inna Liberace? Why don’t you get back to your little fantasy world. You know, the one where your bro lester is stabbing you. Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass you’d see the world for what it really is. And also see a sin is a sin, no matter who does it.

  30. Luisa, No, the girl did not get “millions.” The settlement was for 500 grand. NONE OF WHICH SHE GOT BECAUSE POLANSKI HAS YET TO PAY IT.

  31. Inna,
    Bwahahahaha… I’ve seen “wanted and Desired.” You are so incredibly naive and gullible.

  32. Sorry but this girl, aided by her mother, pursued Mr. Polanski and willfully consented to relations. Any red-blooded man would’ve done the same if the opportunity presented itself. FREE ROMAN POLANSKI

  33. @tron carter: are you “seeing” what you’ve written?!! The key words are “girl” “her mother” red-blooded man”. Got it? No? Than let me clear it up for you…she was a “girl” not a “woman” as her dumb mother was. As a “girl” she “obeyed” her mother, the “woman” that should have had some sense. How ever since she didn’t the “red-blooded Man” should have screwed the “woman” aka mother, and left the “girl” aka a CHILD. Too many “LEGAL” AGE “ADULTS” are responsible for this…only the “RED-BLOODED MAN” “RAPED” AND “LEFT TOWN” to “ESCAPE” “PUNISHMENT” for the “CRIME”. Got it, Good. Cause if you don’t, I hope you don’t have kids, and if you do, I wonder how they’re fairing with a “Red-blooded man” like you.

  34. @yvonne: I’m just saying, a man is gonna be a man. If there was consent, then she was fair game. And even this supposedly “raped” girl has no scars of the experience and has no ill feelings. So she clearly enjoyed what happened and even wanted it to happen. So there’s no harm, and there should be no foul. Some girls at young ages are ready to experience grown up things and want a grown up to teach them, which is what I gather from this situation. And again, the mother aided and abetted mattes so Mr. Polanski isn’t a criminal. There was mutual satisfaction gained by both parties involved. Lay off the man.

  35. tron, wow, you couldv’e spared yourself a LOT of typing.

    SHE DIDN’T CONSENT. Even Polanski doesn’t contest this.

    Now stop trolling because you are obviously talking shit to get a rise out of people. It’s not funny and it’s as hideous as if you really meant the shit you are writing.

  36. @julie and anyone else that may want to comment on tron…DON’T, just don’t. May God forgive me for what I’m going to write…and this is going to be my last time talking to damn fools like Tron…when your MOTHER, WIFE, CHILD, GRANDMOTHER, NIECE OR ANY FEMALE YOU HOLD CLOSE TO YOUR HEART GETS RAPE…ask them how they LIKED IT and don’t forget to tell them that THAT’S WHAT A MAN, A RED-BLOODED MAN does for fun…Better yet, when any “Male” in your circle gets RAPE, tell them a man gonna do what a man gonna do…NOW, that’s what I call satisfaction. When the shoe is on the other foot of idots like Tron, male or female, things are not so cut and dry and open for stupid interpretations. I’m going to pray for you type of people Tron. People like you, love to make small and actually enjoy, bringing down the abuse. I also know people like you want attention, no matter if it’s positive or negative because you’re lacking respect for yourself. Which means, you’ve been abused in your life so badly, that you don’t know how to respect or feel for others. Good day and may God raise your consciousness.

  37. @ julie: There was clearly consent. The mother allowed it and was OK with it. So there’s not much to argue about there. I’m not trolling. I prefer to stick to the facts. The overreaction to people wanting Polanski hanged needs to stop. He’s paid for his supposed by crime by being exiled from this country and his ability to make his living compromised greatly.

    @yvonne: you’re an emotional cripple. Get over your grief or put a gun in your mouth to get it over with. It’s just sex. Chalk it up as an experience that helped you become better at love making later in life. See the positive. You’re all negative and full of anger and hatred. In ancient times, relations with 13 year olds was normal. Even when Elvis started “dating” Priscilla she was 13 or 14 and that was fairly recently. So is Elvis a pedophile? You’re a sad, bitter, lonely woman with a love-less life and you lash out at others who don’t share your misery. I’ll pray for you

  38. Tron,
    you are an apologist for a rapist. And you clearly have not read the testimony or other legal notes on the case, just jumped to a “he’s innocent, the girl is to blame for being drugged and raped.” I would give you the links but I think you are old enough to do your own research. Whether you care to or are intelligent enough to, I don’t care. I think you are just really happy being ignorant and don’t want to bother to have your story disproved, or have to think beyond your worldview of women “deserving it/asking for it.”
    Please do not comment on things you are so obviously ignorant on. Because it just makes people really really dislike you and think you are, well, ignorant.

  39. @Julie: Please, stop allowing this person gore you into commenting. He needs the attention BADLY. You are playing right into his hands as well as anyone else’s that feels it a joke concerning crimes of this nature. Until it happens to him or somebody he loves, he will continuing to behave like this. Let his comments roll off your back, and hope justice will be serve as it should.

  40. Tron,
    Oh whatthehell, this is easy enough:

    “There was clearly consent.”
    Here’s the proof:

    “The mother allowed it and was OK with it.”
    Nope. OK with photos being taken, not so much with her daughter being drugged and raped.

    ” I prefer to stick to the facts. ”
    Which you have not provided. So I’ll do it for you.

    ” He’s paid for his supposed by crime by being exiled from this country and his ability to make his living compromised greatly.”
    Paid for it by being unrepentant? By not paying the settlement he owes her? Paid for it by boasting
    Paid for it by never once acknowledging what he did was wrong? And what exactly does he have to pay for, as you’ve asserted that he did nothing wrong, that there was consent?

    Now, I’m done with you. This is the part where you go into wharrgarbling about how you are still right despite the fact, like any good dumbass dedicated to ignorance does.

  41. Yvonne: Yes I agree, but for the benefit of any other mouthbreathers out there who fall for it, thought I’d just clarify a few things.

  42. Julie: I totally agree. But I shudder to think how/where did this guy gets his views from and, that there are people that think as he does. I don’t advocate violence, but if women start taking justice into their own hands, trust me, it would alter a lot of those abusers thought patterns, like Ms. Bobbit did for John Wayne Bobbit…LOL. She should have flush it down the drain, not throw it off the side of the highway…that was littering LOL.

    Have a good day, despite a few fools in it.

  43. Yvonne is one big idiot. Women do take justice into their own hands. They roll over their husbands with SUVs b/c their husband leaves them for a 20 year old hottie. They shoot their husband in the back with a shotgun (like the crazy woman in Tennessee) b/c of “abuse,” though it was never physical abuse … And you know what? These women get away with it.

    Tell me, why is it OK for a woman TV anchor to say she’s the smart one in her home and that her husband is stupid, but if a male anchor said anything remotely close to that he’s a chavunist pig and he’d be fired?

    You accuse a man of abusing you or rape, you’re assumed innocent by the mere fact that they’d never release your name to the media, but the man (think of the 5 Hofstra students accused of rape) has his name, address and face plastered all over TV and the woman’s identity is protected even if it’s later revealed that she was not only not raped but outright lied.

    Spare me this woe-is-me garbage about women. Why is your behavior, and your apologies for such nonsense, acceptable but my opinions are not? I’ll tell you why: You live by a double standard. You want all the concessions in life and anyone who denies or challenges you feminazis is shushed.

    As for this case, its over. The man paid his debt to society. Now leave Roman Polanski alone. The supposed “victim” is not harmed. She’s OK with what happened. Stop trying to get justice for her. She’s made it clear, there was no crime.

  44. Ah, I get what’s up with Tron now.

    This might explain it folks:

    The Lame Contender

    Is a man who feels emasculated by the world and copes with his
    feelings of powerlessness by directing his frustrations largely at

    The reasons for the LC’s feelings of emasculation usually stem from
    being bullied by other men, (and even in some cases women.) The LC, not having the physical prowess
    or courage to take on his tormentors directly, will lash out at women
    and identify them as the real cause for his powerlessness. The LC
    does this because the men that torment the LC usually are attracted to
    and even respect women, and the LC sees women as contenders for their
    attention and thus for power. (It should be said that there are
    homosexual, bisexual and transgender LCs but LCs tend overwhelmingly
    to be heterosexual. However, there are definite homosexual undertones
    to the “competition” the LC one-sidedly engages in with women in his
    quest for men’s attention. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    As for the modes the LC uses to gain this attention:
    The LC will draw upon historical patterns of misogyny in a vain
    attempt to “bond” with his male tormentors, therefore alleviating the
    threat they pose to him. He will attempt to issue a message to men
    that “we’re all in this together, against our common enemy.” This
    tactic is unconscious and rarely gets the LC the results he seeks, as
    his tormentors have no reason to fear women, and often find his
    obvious agenda cowardly. Consequently, these men will view the LC as
    very weak and possibly increase their torment toward him.

    (While the other-men-as-tormentors scenario is the most common cause
    of the LC’s irrational hatred of women, the LC may also have had a bad
    initial romantic experience with a woman, in which the woman cheated on him in some way,
    or decided she did not want to continue the relationship because of
    the LC’s behavior, such as stalking.)

    The LC in turn is envious of the attention that his object of
    resentment, the woman, receives from men, as the LC believes this to
    actually be the attention and power that he is owed but was denied to
    him when his tormentors instilled a deep insecurity in the LC.
    Therefore, women getting favorable attention from men are often a
    target of the LC’s baseless attacks, but the LC will just as likely
    target female victims of abuse such as rape, often accusing the victim
    despite evidence to the contrary that she is lying, she is a whore,
    etc. Again, this falls under the LC’s attempt to persuade his male
    tormentors that “we are in this together.” The LC makes his attempt
    obvious by “scraping at the bottom of the barrel” for “evidence” to
    use against the victim, or making it up in lieu of the evidence he
    needs to support his claims.

    In discussion forums, the LC will often come across as
    rational-sounding, even to the point of being mechanical. But he will
    use tactics of debate such as “straw man” and other cheap shots in an
    attempt to evade the points he does not know or understand, while
    maintaining his illusion that the women contesting his points are
    wrong. He will usually respectfully refute any man’s contention to his
    argument, (again because of fear of retribution or shunning from the
    “fraternity” of men that the LC imagines is present) but if the
    dissenter is known to be female or makes known his or her sympathies
    toward women’s rights, the LC will often engage in aggressive
    responses toward that person. Sometimes the LC may bring up an
    occasional valid point, but mostly his points are not based on the
    argument itself but rather stem from his buried resentment and
    feelings of powerlessness.

    In other venues, usually amongst his “fraternity” of other LCs he will
    unabashedly joke about women, usually incorporating hate-filled
    language and overly mocking tones to hide his insecurity.

    The way to deal with the arguments of a LC are by and large to ignore
    them; however it is wise to make a few initial responses to counteract
    their arguments for the benefit of others who may at first take them
    seriously or not understand that they are dealing with an LC.

    It is important to remember that the LC by no means represents the
    entire male gender, and has been said, many other men will hold the LC
    in contempt, or outright kick his ass, thereby starting the cycle of
    the LC’s self-hatred and misogynistic scapegoating anew.

  45. @Julie:

    Damn you’re good. I remember something of that nature in Psych class yearrrss back. It is so true. I also read they may also suffer from impotence. They lack social skills to interact with females. And in some cases, many women do not find those types of men interesting…physical or intellectual.

  46. @julie: I forgot, MANY of those LC have problems maintaining relationships. They will, in many cases, find females with low or no esteem about themselves to be involved with. They will resort to isolating these females from society and family. As they themselves cannot simulate with the norm, they force the female to mirror the LC’s life. They inflict fear as well as verbal and physical abuse. You can equate this as another form of RAPE. When the LC,in turn, encounters females above their intellectual status, it is not surprising they resort to verbal degrading of females. And that is as good as they can do, since they fear anyone, that would stand up to them. They Lack the ability of humanity, because somewhere in their childhood, someone dropped the ball in teaching it to them.

  47. Yvonne: Ah, a relationship in the common sense is an impossibility with LCs. As they are too alienated by their own insecurities, and as this alienation deprives them even a remote sense of self-knowledge, they will never have the capacity to know what a relationship is. Yes, the best they can do for themselves is a simulation via a predatory “relationship,” often on young girls who have not attained the worldly experience to understand the LC’s machinations.

  48. You know what!?!? I’ve read a lot of the views on this same subject, but either way it goes, Planski’s ass fled the country after drugging and raping a child {not a woman, mind you…..A FUCKING CHILD!!!}! Any sick, twisted son~of~a~bitch that can even think about doing that sick to a child needs to be tried, and convicte to whatever term they give his ass!!! That is just ridiculous!!! And for the fool who calls himself “tron”, look here, there ain’t too many more times that you’ll be allowed to call my godmother out of her damn name, buddy!!! You are and have got to be the stupidest mutha fucka on the planet to even have the fucking mind set that you have! You know what, lemme guess……You grew up in a redneck, hillbilly hick town where allheamn crackers married their cousins and sisters just for fun, huh!?!? Yeah, that’s what happened! Now we know why you’re such a dick when it comes to idle conversation…….YOU ONLY HAVE HALF OF A BRAIN AND STILL LIVE IN THE FUCKING STONE AGES!! GET WITH THE DAMN TIMES, YOU FUKING NAZI PRICK!!!! Men are not still running around here draggin woman by their hair and beatig on their big, hairy monkey chest chanting, “ME WANT FOOD!” all damn day long!!! You need to get off the fuckng couch, take a fuckin quarter and buy yourself a clue because at this point in time, in my mind, you are completely clueless!!! Mybe it’ll take a REAL WOMAN to come an bust you in your fucing jaw until you wake up in a pool of your own bloodad a massive fucking headache for you to get right!!! BACK OFF OF MY NANNY AND HER FRIEND!!!!

  49. Wow!
    Reesa, don’t stoop to his level. Sweetie, I just wanted you to see a different level of ignorance, not be combative. Your dad will hit the floor when he sees all those lovely agentives. LOL. Thanks for defending me, however, we don’t know what this “person” is. You’ve just racially profiled him. And that’s not fair to any ethnic group that Tron may identify with. Young and educated women need to learn the signs of abusers and get as far away as quickly as possible. You don’t have to lack an education to fall in an Rapist’s trap. Children are just more easier to destroy for these predators.

  50. I guess it’s that time of the month, otherwise all of you bloody rags wouldn’t be using such foul and disrepectful language towards me. You haven’t been learned properly that’s for sure.

    Yes I’m a white man. A red-blooded white man who loves white bitches. Why? Because white bitches are easy and stupid and more easily trained than black and latin bitches. So respect to you white hoes who make my life easier.

    There’d be no reason to hit a bitch if that said bitch shuts her fuckin mouth. The only time you speak is when spoken too. And another other time you open your mouth you should be on your knees with my cock in it doing what every woman was put on this earth to do: Serve men. Don’t blame me for making it this way. Blame the Bible. The family unit has been destroyed b/c of the irresponsible behavior of….you guessed it, WOMEN. Trying to behave and act like men. Trying to do a man’s job. Trying to prove you have a bigger dick. Meanwhile, your children are in day care and holding up liquor stores for fun. This country has gone to hell b/c of irresponsible WOMEN. It’s a fact that no one wants to talk about

    Back to the facts: I was speaking only about Mr. Polanski and others chose to take things off topic. I guarantee you there’s a bunch of fat, old (over 30) bitches who are jealous that men go for younger women and not them. Sorry, but that’s the way the world works. No matter how many Sex in The City episodes you watch, being old and horny is pathetic. You wish you could be a fuck toy for men like younger women, like this young lady who pursued Mr. Polanski and got her just desserts. But you can’t. Enjoy your misery.

    Oh, and yes I’m an LC, if that stands for Long Cock. 13 1/4 inches. Any of you bitches want some loving, then send me your contact info (Note: No fat, old, wrinkled pussy feminazis like Yvonee and Julie allowed)

  51. Well, TRON, if you think stating that you have a 13 1/4 inch dick makes a difference in a woman’s world, then you have come to the wrong place b/c nowadays, that can barely scratch the surface!! It takes more than a big “EGO” to attract a woman! You need features and at least a brain {which it seems like you have neither of!}. And you know what else, sweetie!? When you refer to any of us as “bitches” make sure you add “Mrs.” or “Ms.” in front of that b/c it takes years to ge to bitch status, once it’s achieved, you become “Ms. Bitch” to all the haters like you!!!

  52. LOL…see why you shouldn’t entertain the ignorance, Ree! Thinking you’re black…LOL.Anyway, since he has a 13 1/4 inch cock, he shouldn’t have a problem to screwing himself…LOL. I guess at today’s standard, 115 lbs. would be considered fat. Guess I go see Jenny. The anamoty of females was not design to intake such lengths, unless the womb is removed. I see you didn’t go to school Tron, you would know this in biology class. However, assuming that the term “bitches” is your favorite word, you must be use to screwing cows and horses. They, are designed for such links to intake.

    And how is your day

  53. Ms Ressa is clearly a racist. She accuses me of being ignorant and black. See, this is the typical behavior of feminazis. They defend their own: old, undesirable, overweight white women. But conveniently play the race cards. You should be ashamed.

    As for my calling you bitches bitches, look, that’s what you are. Things with pussies. Whatever. It’s all the same. I put these trick bitches in their place, and as much as they act offended, deep down they yearn to be tamed and taught how to behave. Bitches like a man with a strong hand, who’ll give them the discipline they need. Bitches are emotional and have a tendency to be overly dramatic and react irrationally. It’s the job of the man to bring her back in line. That’s all in the DNA. It’s not my fault. Don’t hate me for the truth.

    As for my large cock, talk all that shit you want, but every bitch wants to be deep dicked. If you want a man with 4 inches, that’s probably because that’s what you’re used to. I’d split you wide open. And I put my dick in all three holes to make you bitches love it. You’re the type of foul-mouthed whore I’d ground and pound until you cried. Then I’d cover your mouth as a Long stroke you to quell those screams and make you bleed from them holes.

    Now THAT is hot.

  54. Awwwwwwwww, poor baby……..Him just bored and need some attention from a virtual females because real females won’t give his sorry ass the time of day!!! Awwwwwwwwwww! Such a same he has to try and flaunt his tiny appendage on the web to gain attention. You really need a life. So,sad…Bu you know what I don’t blame you….I blame your up bringing!!! You have been brought up to disrespect women, and to think that women are worthless, and won’t amount to anything. Guess what? We have become more inferior than any man on the planet, and can do anything any smple ass man can do!!!! Be more respectful, and maybe….JUST MAYBE….some woman might give your simple ass a chance!

    Oh and BTW……my “Ms.Lady” would drown that sorry piece you call a dick!!!!

  55. Let it go Reesa. Besides, Roman Polanski is now in jail. And being that he has no ties to Switzerland, he’ll be sitting in jail for months. Which, if the Swiss could hold him for a year, justice can be considered paid. In 1977, when he committed the crime against a minor, he would have gotten up to 50 years. If they go by today’s law,it’s only 48 months. God Bless you Switzerland!!!

  56. See, bitch, that’s your problem. You’re obsesed with doing what any man can do. Well, here’s a news flash: YOU CANT

    Just like a man can’t have a baby or think straight because of his little head — which is what you bitches say about us, but that’s not called sexist, of course — a bitch can’t make decisions without being guided by her vagina. All these emotions and knee-jerk reactions.

    And since when is womanhood for a bitch is determined by emulating male behavior? Are you that inferior that you’re not comfortable in being just the bitch you were born to be that you want to wear pants instead of a dress? The most incompetent people in management I’ve ever worked with have been women. They gossip. They take out vendettas. And mostly, they do it to OTHER WOMEN. Not men. That’s the kicker of it all.

    You’re like crabs. One of you rise up and the rest of you hating bitches pull that crab down. You’ll always been second class. It’s a bitch’s nature. And your own doing.

    And if a bitch can do anything a man can do, I’d like to see some bitch have to carry a 220 lb man down a few flights of stairs from a burning building. Can’t do it. But you want equal pay that other firefighters get even though you can’t perform the same work? Please.

  57. Reesa:
    I guess this nut job WAS a fireman and his job WAS taken by a QUALIFED WOMAN. I didn’t see applications for BITCHES in any search engines for Fire personnel. I did see some interesting topics concerning Texas firewomen. My guess, he’s one of those.

  58. Alright Tron serious question now. So, you’re having a little fun here trying to get people worked up. But the question is: Why? I mean, sure it’s fun to pretend to be an utter ass to gauge people’s reactions. But there’s a subtlety involved that you haven’t managed. And the fun is in uncovering people’s hypocrisy. Making fun of politicians, OK, celebs, sure, But why would you do it on a thread about rape? And getting reactions from women who, troll or no, rightly rush to verbally bitchslap whoever makes fun of rape victims? Where exactly is the “yuk yuk” factor that you see in that? I wonder if you even know what exactly you’re trying to do here. It seems pretty pointless.

  59. Julie, it doesn’t matter what or why he says anything. It does not matter why he feels he has to disrespect females of any race or age. What does matter is justice is being serve as we speak.

    What does matter to what we answer to, not what we’re call. I’m certain, without a doubt, he would not show this site to his mother, sister, or any female member of his family how he really feels about a woman. In his case, all women.

    It’s easy to talk trash on screen under a false identity. That’s what all cowards do. I would feel sorry for him, but I think he’s got that covered.

  60. Yvonne, I’m not worried. Even Patrick Bateman would say this guy is trying too hard. (John Fitzgerald Page, however, is probably jacking off furiously reading all of Tron’s posts.)

    Here’s a tip, Tron: too many uses of the word “bitch” give you away. It’s like using saffron– too much flat out ruins what you’re trying to cook.

  61. @Julie:

    You’re a genius, albeit among a group of morons. These bigots dont realize they’re OK with being racist and two-faced as long as it suits their cause: Women’s rights. No different than Neo Cons who are clearly motivated by bigotry for their opposition to the prez or these limp wristed libs who lash out at anyone who doesn’t agree with them as being small-minded. It’s all the same. Notice how Reesa called me “black” b/c in her mind, I was ignorant, and NO ONE, including Yvonne and the rest of these bigot enablers uttered a word in protest.

    That’s the whole point. And no I’m not a fireman. No I’m not some loser who lives in his mother’s basement (a cliche “comeback” if there ever was one) and no I’m not some woman hater. I’m here just to show women are as bad as men when it comes to this type of enabling behavior. And yes, what I said about a female boss is true. I’ve had three female bosses in the past 10 years. The first two were absolutely horrible. They made decisions based on emotion. My current boss is female — and she’s gay — and she rules. She’s the best boss I’ve ever had in my 20 years in my field.

    She thinks like a guy. Maybe that’s just coincidence. But she doesn’t seek to cut down other women in the office out of spite b/c she’s competing for the attention of some man. But my point about the firemen is genuine. If you can’t carry a 225 lb man down 4 flights of stairs in a fire like another man, why should you get equal pay? You CANT do the same work. It’s a logical question that no one wants to address.

    See, for me to bring this up is “sexist.” How so? Because it’s true?

    The politically correct can be as bigoted, closed-minded and pose the same double standards as the non-politically correct. I’m just knocking these bitches off their soapbox. That’s the “yuk yuk” for moi.


  62. Tron: You really need to brush up on your reading skills. I, somewhat came to your defense in order to apologize for the ethnic group you may associated with…”You’ve just racially profiled him. And that’s not fair to any ethnic group that Tron may identify with”.
    To help you out better, that was comment #54.

    And sweetie, you profiled yourself. In comment #55,you stated: “Yes I’m a white man. A red-blooded white man who loves white bitches. Why? Because white bitches are easy and stupid and more easily trained than black and latin bitches. So respect to you white hoes who make my life easier.”

    Again, I do apologize for all ethnic groups you’ve pointed out in that statement. And for every white “female”. But cheer up, if you gay,you’re okay cause you “think like a man”.

    Tell me Tron, will you show this entire website to your Gay, female boss? Will you let any female that you know see EXACTLY what you think of FEMALES. Cause buddy, you said a mouth full. And I’m betting that the man’s man in you know better than it’s shown here.

    By the way, I’m not politically correct about anything, I’m morally demanding about justice. Even though you deserve it, I would talk a female down from shooting your butt. Not for your sake, but for her’s. But I digress.

    Point here, you didn’t knock anyone off their “soapbox”. You displayed how little you think about women in general. It doesn’t matter how young, how old, their ethnic classification, or their sexual orientation, to you, we’re just bitches and whores (ps invest in a dictionary..hoes is a garden tool).

    And if you don’t know it, there ARE WOMEN FIREMEN. One of their requirements is to be able to handle a 100 ft hose with a pressure point of over 900 lbs of water coming out of it. Picking up a man weighing 225 lbs. with full gear on is the easy stuff. It’s mandatory to work in teams for safety reason when going into a burning building. And they die just as well “equally” as the men.

    Now I don’t know where you work, nor do I care. But consider this, are you really upset with women or yourself. If you don’t like your situation…change it. If you don’t like working and not getting what you know you deserve…start your own business. If you want someone to love you…love yourself FIRST. Controlling a person is not love or respect. It’s called SLAVERY.

    I’m threw with you and your behavior. It’s a disservice to myself and to the readers of this site. Justice is being served to Roman Polanski and I can accept that.

    I’m not in control of others bashing you, just myself. I don’t care if you like me…I LIKE ME. And to you, you were amusing, now you’re boring. If all you got to give to the world in your dick…got news for you, unless Tron is your REAL NAME, there’s a guy in New York that has that same size. AND he lives with his mother. AND he hasn’t had SEX in 12 years. Him, I would date. And not because of his DICK. That’s just the benefits. He can actually hold a conversation. Again, I digress.

    Have fun with yourself Tron. And I’m going to pray as hard as I can for you.

  63. Yvonne, don’t waste your prayers, just let the bitterness and insecurity slowly devour him, as nature intended.

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