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Mixed-Race Cheerios Commercial: Why Are People Freaking Out? (VIDEO)

So there is this whole huge controversy over a Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed-race family… and honestly, we’re just confused. In this day and age, when you can’t throw a rock without hitting a blended family, why on Earth is a Cheerios ad with a mixed-race child, a white mom and a black dad such a big deal?

mixed race cheerios commercial

Who can look at this cute face and not love it? (General Mills/YouTube)

The new mixed-race Cheerios advertisement is about the most banal, innocent, boring commercial for a cereal product ever. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing offensive in any way possible about this commercial.

An adorable little girl (who we think resembles Shirley Temple all over the place) walks up to a kitchen table where her mother is seated and says, “Mom, Dad told me Cheerios are good for your heart, is that true?” Mom replies, “Says here that Cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove cholesterol and that’s heart healthy.” The kid responds by dumping the Cheerios box over her sleeping dad’s chest. He wakes up covered in Cheerios and squeals out something that sounds like “Karen?!?”

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Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough May Be Leaving For Good



According to backstage buzz at Dancing With the Star, newly crowned fourth-time champion pro Derek Hough may be leaving the show again — for good this time. Maybe Derek is just bored at winning all the time now that he has yet another Mirrorball Trophy under his belt.

There is no question that Derek Hough and Kellie Picker were the belles of the Dancing With the Stars 2013 ball this season. They were frontrunner favorites from the moment they first hit the dance floor.

While it was kind of amazing at first to see the former American Idol finalist and the handsome dance pro sweep away the competition every week, it actually started to get a bit predictably boring there toward the end.

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Who Won Dancing With the Stars Last Night? The 2013 Champion Is…

Adam Taylor/ ABC

Adam Taylor/ ABC

Who won Dancing With the Stars last night seemed almost a foregone conclusion to anyone who has been watching Season 16 religiously. Let’s face it, Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough have been dominating Dancing With the Stars 2013 all season long. While there was always the chance for a last minute shakeup result, it would have been seriously shocking had they not taken home the Mirror Ball trophy.

We don’t really want to call Season 16 boring per se… but anyone who didn’t see the writing on the wall practically from the first week was probably drunk. Thankfully, despite the ultimate predictability of who won Dancing With the Stars from the moment Kellie hit the dance floor, a season of truly delightful performances still made it worth watching  mostly.

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The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Split Not a Surprise

Sad news for The Vampire Diaries fans! It looks like all those rumors of an Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev split are true after all. And so another Hollywood golden couple bites the dust. This should make working together on the set of Vampire Diaries season 5 really fun, right?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev split

Photo Credit: The CW

According to a report by Us Weekly this morning, later confirmed by People and In Touch, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have officially broken up after three years together. Honestly though, it’s not like everyone didn’t see this coming. Rumors of trouble in Ian and Nina’s relationship have been the constant source of tabloid fodder for months.

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Who Won The Amazing Race Last Night and How They’ll Spend Their $1 Million!

Who won The Amazing Race last night was relatively easy to predict within five minutes of the opening of the show. On The Amazing Race 22 finale, brothers Bates and Anthony Battaglia leaped ahead right from the start and never looked back, easily scoring the win over second-place finishers, newlyweds Max and Katie Birchler.

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Photo: Heather Wines/CBS

In the first half of The Amazing Race finale last night, the final four teams — Bates and Anthony, Max and Katie, Caroline Cutbirth and Jen Kuhle, and Beth Bandimere and Mona Egender — battled it out in Northern Ireland. At the end of the leg, Caroline and Jen came in last and were eliminated.

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Jenelle Evans Arrested For Heroin And Assault, Ordered Away From Husband Cortland Rogers

Jenelle Evans arrested for heroin and assault, ordered away from husband Cortland Rogers. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans was back in jail Tuesday following her latest arrest—for heroin possession and assault, although she was free to head home later the same day, after being released on bond.  One thing that will immediately be different, by court orders, is she will not be running straight back into the arms of her bad boy hubby, Courtland Rogers, is reports.


Jenelle’s attorney, Dustin R. T. Sullivan told that a judge ordered his client and Rogers to stay away from each other—going one step further even, by ordering they have no contact at all. “The judge ordered them not to have any contact with each other whatsoever,” Sullivan said. It’s probably the wisest thing Jenelle has been told for some time! Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Boston Marathon Bombing Explosion Suspects Photo And Video Posted By FBI

Boston Marathon bombing explosion suspects photo and video posted by FBI. The FBI has revealed photos and video of two men they believe could be connected to the Boston Marathon bombings. Law enforcement authorities are asking for help identifying the suspects and bringing them to justice.


SnarkFood, like other media outlets, is supplying the information to help the cause.  Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Boston, appealed to the public for help in identifying the two men, whom he cautioned should be considered “armed and extremely dangerous.” Appearing at a news briefing with U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, DesLauriers said the two men, both carrying what appeared to be heavy bags on their backs, walked together through the crowd of spectators. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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