Real Housewives of Orange County Fires Alexis and Gretchen

It looks as if Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino may not be back for the ninth season of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Orange County. According to E! Online and other sources, the two were recently fired from the cast.


“I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexis was not brought back,” says Dorothy Cascerceri, host and executive producer of Celebrity Corner. “She was the outcast of the group and things got so bad that she became a total brown-noser to the others just to keep peace. Peace does not equal ratings, so she has become somewhat obsolete. She also has nothing else interesting going on personally.”

“Gretchen, on the other hand, has a wedding to Slade coming up and a baby in the near future, most likely—two excellent plot lines that will hook viewers.” With all that going on, Dorothy is not so sure about the rumor she has been fired as well despite multiple sources reporting Gretchen was also canned. We’ll just have to wait and see on that one when Bravo finally decides to release a final cast list for next season.

— Kelly Rouba, guest contributor

Leah Remini Wants Kirsie Alley Banned From Dancing With the Stars?

Leah Remini reportedly told Dancing With the Stars 2013 producers she doesn’t want former cast member Kirstie Alley sitting in the audience due to a feud over Remini’s departure from Scientology, according to a recent report by the National Enquirer.


Dorothy Cascerceri, host and executive producer of Celebrity Corner, thinks Leah is stepping way out of bounds, if the report is true.

“She doesn’t own Dancing With the Stars, so she can’t decide who does or does not attend or appear on tapings,” Dorothy says. “She and Kirstie should keep their Scientology out of the ballroom anyway—or better yet, maybe they should settle their differences with a dance off! Kirstie would definitely win.”

— Kelly Rouba, guest contributor

Dancing With the Stars: Bill Nye the Tough Guy Bows Out

Bill Nye unfortunately didn’t last long on Dancing With the stars 2013 but despite an injury last week and two obvious left feet, he never gave up. Bill Nye the Science Guy might want to change his name to Bill Nye the Tough Guy. Even with a partially torn ligament, Nye went on to compete this week. He suffered the injury during his performance last Monday.


Dorothy Cascerceri, host and executive producer of Celebrity Corner, didn’t think Nye had a chance of staying in the competition very long even if he hadn’t been hurt.

“It’s always terrible when people get injured on Dancing With the Stars, but there’s no surprise here that Bill Nye the Science Guy got hurt,” Dorothy said. “He isn’t an athlete, and he’s certainly more comfortable in a lab than a ballroom. He didn’t really stand a chance of winning, so it shouldn’t change the competition much.”

Are you said to see Bill Nye be eliminated so early in the competition? Or do you think it’s good he was eliminated so he can rest up and heal?

— Kelly Rouba, guest contributor

Amanda Bynes Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial For DUI Arrest

Troubled former child star Amanda Bynes is mentally unfit to face charges for a DUI arrest in 2013, according to her lawyer. Bynes was originally scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday but her attorney, Rich Hutton, reportedly told the judge in the case that the actress could not attend due to her lack of ability to “understand the nature of the legal proceedings.”

Amanda Bynes Instagram

Amanda Bynes is currently being held in a long-term treatment center for evaluation and treatment after her parents took over conservatorship of her and her estate. The judge in the DUI case has thrown the ball to the mental health court to hold a hearing to determine whether or not Amanda has the mental competency to stand trial.

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Simon Cowell’s Former Lover Reveals She Aborted His Child

Some things are just better kept private and we think Simon Cowell’s former lover deciding to abort his baby is one of those things. Apparently, however, The X Factor host’s ex-girlfriend Sinitta thinks it is someone that everyone should know about.

Image: ITV
Sinitta and Simon Cowell – Image: ITV

Simon Cowell is currently expecting his first baby with girlfriend Lauren Silverman, the soon-to-be ex-wife of his former close friend Andrew Silverman. Lauren and her husband filed for divorce in July after it was revealed she was pregnant with Simon’s baby. The former American Idol judge and New York socialite allegedly plan to wed as soon as she’s free and clear from her current husband.

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American Idol Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Will Move Forward!

American Idol Corey ClarkAn American Idol lawsuit brought by former contestants on the show accusing producers of racial discrimination will move forward. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that 10 black American Idol hopefuls who were disqualified from the show for reasons other than their singing will be allowed to sue FOX and the show’s production company, 19 Entertainment.

The plaintiffs in the American Idol lawsuit claim that the show has demonstrated a pattern of racial discrimination over the show’s history. They are accusing producers of using the arrest records of black male contestants against them to get them kicked off the show. According to the suit, 31 percent of black American idol semi-finalists were disqualified for reasons “unrelated to their singing talent.” Moreover, the lawsuit claims that no white or non-black contestant has ever been disqualified from American Idol on the series.

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Who Got Voted Off Dancing With the Stars in Week 2?

Who was voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight in the first elimination of season 17? We were so sad to have to see one of the couples from the spectacular cast this season go home! We’ve been watching this show since the very first season when everyone thought it was a totally crazy idea. The Dancing With the Stars 2013 cast is, in our opinion, one of the best ever!

Dancing With the Stars Amber Riley and Derek Hough

After finding out that DWTS 17 was going to be cut down to just one night a week, we were worried the show would just not be as much fun this time around. However, producers made up for cutting out the Tuesday results show by giving us a truly stellar cast. There are only a few really terrible dancers so far this season and we even love them because they are such fun characters to watch! (Yes, we’re talking about you in particular, Bill Nye the Science Guy!)

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