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Robert De Niro Has Emotional Break Down On Katie, Video

Robert De Niro has emotional breaks down on Katie, video below. Robert De Niro broke down in tears on Katie while discussing the subject of bipolar disorder in Silver Linings Playbook. The acting icon began to cry after Katie Couric asked him, “Did you feel a greater responsibility about doing a film that [director David O. Russell] had so much personally invested in?” referring to the fact that Russell’s own son has a mood disorder.

Russell’s son Matthew plays the nosy next door neighbor whom De Niro chases out of the yard in the film). De Niro started, “Oh, of course, I understand what he…” before getting too choked up to continue. Cooper comforted De Niro by putting his hand on his costar’s shoulder.

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Bachelor 2013 Winner Spoiler, Who Sean Lowe Is Engaged To!

Bachelor 2013 winner spoiler, who Sean Lowe is engaged to! Reality Steve has revealed that the final three women are going to be Lindsay Yenter, AshLee Frazier, and Catherine Giduici. All three get offered to go to the fantasy suite with Sean Lowe, but he won’t use it for sex like other people on the show do.

Sean will simply use the room to get to know the girls better and make sure that he makes the right decision in the end. He will even make sure everyone knows that this is his plan. Sean Lowe’s final two girls will be Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici.

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Chris Brown Faked Completing Community Service, DA To Pursue Case

Chris Brown faked completing community service, DA to pursue case. Prosecutors allege that Brown did not perform all of the community service he claims to have completed in Virginia in connection to his infamous Rihanna assault case. In the filed motion, the D.A. says there are “significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting” of Brown’s supposed community service.

The shocking turn of events revolves around a letter sent by Richmond police chief Bryan T. Norwood last September, claiming Brown had completed 202 days of service — more than the 180 required by law. Brown purportedly worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center, doing odd jobs, and also is said to have helped the city with “trash removal… public park clean up, washing City owned vehicles” and other tasks.

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Naya Rivera’s Super Bowl M&M Commercial, Video

Naya Rivera’s Super Bowl M&M commercial, video below. The Glee star gets up close and a little too personal with the Red M&M in a Super Bowl 2013 commercial that aired during Sunday’s game. As Red belted out Meat Loaf‘s “I’d Do Anything For Love.” the ad took a super-dark turn, as Naya and her pals started eating Red. But really, it’s his own fault for being soymmy!.


“Red sings a love song to a girl who clearly wants more than just love,” the video is captioned! “Photo shoot complete. Now off for some Super Bowl fun!” Naya tweeted earlier on Super Bowl Sunday. “Hahaha yay! So glad everyone caught the M&M commercial!” she added later during the game Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Alicia Keys Belts National Anthem At Super Bowl 2013, Video

Alicia Keys belts National Anthem at Super Bowl 2013, video below.  Alicia Keys sang the national anthem before Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. The Grammy winner’s rendition featured not just her voice, but also a piano performance. Seated at the piano in a sleeveless maroon gown, she delivered an excellent performance.

Keys sounded at times a bit raspy possibly due to being emotional, but it was a strong, confident and beautiful rendition. With the controversy, it was a rendition that had just enough subtle shakiness and imperfection to confirm that she was in fact singing it live and not to tape.

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Bar Refaeli’s Super Bowl Commercial Feature Awkward Kiss, Video

Bar Refaeli’s Super Bowl commercial feature awkward kiss, video below. Go Daddy’s much-anticipated Super Bowl XLVII ad features Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, but she’s not running around on a beach in next to nothing or flaunting her beloved physical features. Instead, Refaeli is making out with a geek named Walter.

And what begins as a few kisses on the lips quickly takes a turn into full-on, all-out tongue action.The premise of the commercial is that there are two sides to Go Daddy, the smart one and the sexy one. Obviously, the 27-year-old Refaeli represents the sexy, while Walter assumes the role of smart. And as Danica Patrick tells us: “Together, they are perfect.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Jennifer Hudson and Sandy Hook Chorus Perform “America the Beautiful” Video

Jennifer Hudson and Sandy Hook Chorus perform “America the Beautiful”, video below. Jennifer Hudson was joined by the Sandy Hook Chorus during her performance at Super Bowl 47 on Sunday. The choir features 26 students from the Newtown, Connecticut school, where 20 first-graders and six adults were horrifically killed on December 14.

The group’s moving rendition of “America the Beautiful” came less than two months after the tragedy. Wearing white shirts, khaki pants, and the green ribbons that have become synonymous with awareness of the tragedy that befell the school, the mixed boy-girl choir began the song for the first verse until Hudson joined them at the 50 yard line. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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