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Zac Efron Beaten Up By Homeless Guys?

What in the world is going on with Zac Efron? He’s reportedly been in rehab twice now for an alleged cocaine addiction. We still don’t know what exactly happened with that mysterious incident where he broke his jaw last year. And in the latest incident, Zac was apparently beaten up by a couple of homeless guys?

Zac Efron thinks he's king of the world? Source: Instagram

Zac Efron thinks he’s king of the world? Source: Instagram

According to the latest gossip from, Zac Efron ended up in a “full-blown melee with at least three other people” in a sketchy part of Los Angeles on Sunday night. The fight was broken up by police officers patrolling the area.

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Viral Videos: Ronald McDonald Taco Bell Breakfast Commercial

Apparently Taco Bell is so much more tasty than McDonalds that even the company’s namesake is shelling for the fast food joint! Say hello to not just one Taco Bell Breakfast loving Ronald McDonald, but 25 of them from coast to coast.

Taco Bell Ronald McDonald

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Nick Cannon Whiteface Photo Racist? Double Standards and Stereotyping

We are just dumbfounded over this whole Nick Cannon whiteface photo. Honestly, haven’t we had enough examples yet why it STILL isn’t cool to do blackface or whiteface, even if you’re a famous celebrity?

Nick Cannon whiteface

Anyone remember former Dancing With the Stars pro Juliane Hough and the outraged reaction to her Orange is the New Black costume for Halloween? When she dressed up like Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren and actually went so far as to darken her skin and go blackface for it?

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Thor’s Chris Hemsworth Baby Names: What Did He Pick?

Thor: The Dark World star Chris Hemsworth have decided what he and wife Elsa Pataky are going to name their new twin baby boys. The couple welcomed their new sons last Tuesday and are overcome with “complete happiness” thanks to the new additions to their family.

Elsa Pataky, who also has a 2-year-old daughter named India with Hemsworth, announced the baby names for their new twins on Instagram.

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Who Got Voted Off Survivor 2014 Cagayan In Week 4?

We have to say we were quite surprised by who got voted off Survivor Cagayan last night. We were not expecting this result at all, but things got all kinds of crazy after the tribal merge. It’s always tough when the tribes have to reform and the castaways are forced to negotiate new alliances and deal with new enemies.


While the Aparri tribe stayed relatively the same overall, the new Solana tribe had to figure out who was going to team up with who, and which castaways would end up as the outsiders in the new pack. With all that disruption going on, we weren’t all that shocked when Solana lost out in the immunity challenge and had to go to Tribal Council.

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Who Got Voted Off Survivor 2014 Cagayan In Week 3?

Who got voted off Survivor tonight in week 3? We have the latest Survivor results from the live eviction on Wednesday night and you might be surprised who went home!


In our prediction post from earlier today, we were pretty certain the person who was eliminated on Survivor tonight would be from the Aparri ‘Brawn’ Tribe. There were just too many Survivor 2014 spoilers that seemed to point toward the Brawn castaways ending up in front of the Tribal Council tonight.

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Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Survivor Cagayan Week 3 Elimination Results!

Before the Survivor 2014 results show tonight, the odds were pointing very strongly toward one or two particular players getting the boot this week.  Depending on which tribe lost the immunity challenge, of course. However, the Survivor spoilers seemed to be heavily leaning toward the ‘Brawn’ tribe going to Tribal Council tonight. So we were feeling pretty confident it would be an Aparri Tribe member who got voted off Survivor 28 on Wednesday.


Over at the Survivor Sucks reality TV forum, the ‘who will get booted’ poll for week three had Lindsey as the most likely Tribal Council victim this week. (With the assumption that the target would be Tony, but he’d throw up an immunity Idol and Lindsey would get the backlash.)

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