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The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Juan Pablo and The Women Tell All!

After the big confrontation between The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and Andi Dorfman last week, we are eager to see what kind of drama erupts on The Women Tell All special tonight. If you can’t wait to find out what goes down this evening on the reunion special, keep on reading for The Bachelor 2014 spoilers from The Women Tell All!

The Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All

Last week on The Bachelor, we watched the Hometown Dates with the final four contestants, Clare Crawley, Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman, and Renee Oteri. Renee ended up going home, leaving The Bachelor Juan Pablo with Clare, Andi, and Nikki for the Overnight Dates. Things went very badly between Juan and Andi, resulting in a huge confrontation between the two and Andi going home.

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The Amazing Race 24 Spoilers: Meet the All-Stars Cast!

The Amazing Race 24 premieres tonight, and this season will feature an All-Stars cast! Eleven teams will set out to race through four continents and nine countries. However, according to The Amazing Race spoilers, only 10 teams will actually make it to the starting line.

The Amazing Race 24 All Stars Cast - Source: CBS

Which team will have their journey end before it even really begins? We won’t spoil it for you in this post, but we can tell you it’s going to be a shock! The first season of The Amazing Race 2014 will start off with a bang, and it’s only going to get more fun from there.

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The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Went Home in Episode 6?

Who went home on The Bachelor tonight on episode 6 after failing to win a rose from Juan Pablo Galavis? Well, we have to say we weren’t really all that surprised by who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2014 this week. These two ladies have pretty much had it coming for weeks.

The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Spoilers

When you barely see much of someone for six episodes on The Bachelor Juan Pablo’s season, you can pretty much guess they aren’t going to end up in the finale. After all, why waste screen time on ladies who don’t even make it to the final four when you can dump them on the editing room floor?

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The Voice 2014 Spoilers: Season 6 First Look! [VIDEO]

Are you ready for The Voice 2014 premiere coming up in just a few short weeks? We can’t wait to see The Voice coaches Adam Levine, Usher, Blake Shelton, and Shakira back on our TV again!

The Voice Season 6 Coaches

According to The Voice spoilers promo just released from NBC, the coaches had an unprecedented eleven four chair turn arounds this season during auditions. Usher says it “just speaks to the level of talent that was there.”

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Biggest Loser Winner Massive Weight Loss: Trainers Not Talking

After The Biggest Loser 15 winner Rachel Frederickson weighed in at just 15 lbs on the season finale, a mass outcry arose that she’d lost too much, too fast. Even we couldn’t help but ponder on whether going from a size 20 to a size zero in just a few short months was healthy.

The Biggest Loser 15 Top 3

The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson was quick to reassure everyone her weight loss was all natural and there was nothing wrong, even though being just 105 lbs at 5 foot 5 puts her strongly in the underweight category according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Fredrickson Defends Huge Weight Loss

After watching who won The Biggest Loser 15 last night, we started to wonder whether perhaps winner Rachel Fredrickson might have lost too much weight. At The Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday night, Rachel weighed in at just 105 lbs, losing 155 in total during her time on the show.

The Biggest Loser 15 Winner Rachel Fredrickson

Even trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels looked stunned when Rachel walked up to the scale for her final weigh-in. Viewers could hear Jillian saying “oh my god” repeatedly over Rachel’s astonishing transformation.

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Who Won The Biggest Loser 15? Final Results! 1/4/2014

After a long, grueling season, it is finally time to find out who won The Biggest Loser 15! No matter which of the three finalists ended up being The Biggest Loser 15 winner, we think all of them did an amazing job. So give a big round of applause to Rachel Fredrickson, Bobby Saleem, and David Brown for going all the way and never giving up.

Who Won the Biggest Loser 15

Just take a look at these amazing The Biggest Loser 2014 before and after shots of the season 15 top 3 contestants! We honestly just don’t know how they manage to loose this much weight even with the crazy amount of working out they do. Hats off to them all though for facing their inner demons and being the last three standing at The Biggest Loser 15 finale.

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