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Keith Olbermann And Chris Matthews Canned By MSNBC

MSNBC, after much pressure, has decided to can Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from their co-anchor positions, and has made them commentators instead. This follows growing criticism that the two are too incendiary to serve us unbiased anchors. David Gregory will be the sole anchor of MSNBC’s election coverage. Anyone who has watched Olbermann and Matthew’s coverage this year would have to agree it has been anything BUT fair and balanced. For grins, watch the Obama Love video below to see how much Chris Matthews has a hard-on for Barack.

Olbermann has been criticized for being overly enthusiastic in praising the Democrats and vilifying Republicans, while on-air bickering between Olbermann and Matthews has embarrassed NBC News members and, many believe, alienated viewers.

There are plenty of legitimate stories to cover in the election! If one wants to be a commentator, or give an op-ed, one should NOT be an anchor. This shizz has been brewing at MSNBC for a long time, and it’s been pissing off Tom Brokaw who said that “at times Matthews and Olbermann went too far”. Don’t eff with Brokaw, fools! He will shut you DOWN!

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Britney’s Big Night

Britney Spears cleaned up tonight at the VMA’s! She opened the show, as promised, with a short comedy sketch with ‘Superbad’ actor Jonah Hill, before walking from her dressing room to the stage to introduce the ceremony. Standing O for Brit as she walked on stage.

Britney was a triple threat tonight, taking home Best Pop Video, Best Female Video, and Video of the Year for “Piece Of Me”. Britney won her first VMA EVER tonight, and then proceeded on to a night of major victory! “I’m in shock,” Britney said, after accepting her third award of the night from NBA star Kobe Bryant. She looked healthier and happier than we’ve seen her be in years. Congratulations, Britney-girl. You deserve your moonmen.

Host Russell Brand pissed off a lot of Jonas Brothers fans with his continuous digs at their purity rings and decisions to put off sex until marriage. He also drug poor Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be son in law into the mix. Russell must have gotten a little scolding backstage ‘cuz he had to backtrack and apologize to teens for his rants. STFU!
Here’s Britney’s winning video, “Piece Of Me”.

Britney Spears Piece Of Me Oficial Video 2do Single!!!

Awesome performances by Rihanna, Christina Aguilera with a fab New Wave “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, Lil Wayne, Ting-Tangs, Katy Perry, Paramours, The Jonas Brothers, Kid Rock and Kanye West closed the show with his new “Love Lockdown”. Awesome. Kanye wasn’t pissed either! Congrats to Germany’s Tokio Hotel in an upset for Best New Artist! And somebody give Russell Brand a purity ring. For grins. For those of you who missed the show, here’s 411mania’s live-blog of the event… and here are the live performances!

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Is Jessica Simpson Really Pregnant?

The net is buzzing today about the possibility that Jessica Simpson may have finally trapped Tony Romo by getting pregnant. Jess has definitely put on a few in the past months, even her country bumpkin-wear didn’t hide that. The picture on the left is causing all kinds of speculation (click ’em to enlarge). The other two pics were taken just the other day on Sept. 2.

Whaddaya think? The pic on the left definitely looks suspicious, although Photoshop DOES exist in our world. More interesting to Snarkista is the pic on the right from the other day. Sitting down, from the side, Jess does look like she’s got some kinda bump going on. Maybe THAT’S why she’s been so gassy!

If Jess has managed to bag her a Cowboy, it should shut Carrie Underwood up for awhile. Wonder if Tony will call her with the news?

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In Honor Of Kim Jung Il Crankin’ Up The Reactors…

So, apparently North Korea has decided to STOP the decommissioning of it’s nuclear production facilities…and will be processing plutonium in approximately 2 weeks. Super! In honor of this noble achievement by the Great Leader, (who a Japanese expert says has been dead since 2003) Snarkista brings you one of VBS TV’s incredible episodes from their dangerous, sneaky filming in North Korea.

Shane and the guys have balls of STEEL, and you MUST go to the site and watch all of the Vice Guide To North Korea episodes. They’re creepy, crazy, funny, and effin’ unbelievable. Never seen such detailed footage of North Korea and it’s complete madness before. You won’t be sorry! This clip is described as the worlds biggest eyefuck: The Mass Gymnastics, or Arirang. Kim likes a BIG show.

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Lindsay & SamRo At Charlotte Ronson’s NY Fashion Week Show

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson hit New York’s Fashion Week this morning for SamRo’s designing sis Charlotte Ronson’s show. The pair caused QUITE a stir at the standing-room-only show. Lindsay had to duck backstage before the show, after she initially sat down and caused the papz to go nutty! She reappeared just in time for the start of the show.

SamRo and Charlotte’s brother, producer Mark Ronson, provided music for the models to sashay to. He reportedly flubbed the ending, but even that didn’t faze the voyeurs. Charlotte’s collection included loose-fitting minidresses and girly ruffled numbers. She also showed high-waisted pleated pants that MOST women should not attempt to wear, lest they stumpify themselves.

Actress Emma Roberts said she had to avoid a “Lindsay traffic jam” as she tried to leave the show. Seems everyone has Lilo and SamRo fever! Snarkista does think Samantha’s new haircut and color are much more flattering than the bleached, hatted look she sported for so long. Lindsay looks great, especially in the ta-ta region! Which, surely, Samantha has no problem with.

photos: Getty

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Leaked Video…Britney’s Really Rehearsing For SOMETHING!

Britney’s not performing at the VMAs. Britney IS performing at the VMAs. Britney’s not performing LIVE at the VMAs. Britney’s opening the VMAs. WHATEVER… Britney is working her ass off for SOMETHING!!

Video: Britney's Back!


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