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Kanye’s Muppet Olympics: His New Video “Champion”

Kanye West has released his new video for “Champion”. He’s in the Unified Games, a spoof on the Olympics. It’s on K-Span, with samples from Steely Dan! Kanye’s a muppet! Check it out!

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Poll: Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless In “Prince Of Persia”

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaall shirtless on the set of his upcoming (but pushed back to 2010) movie Prince Of Persia; The Sands Of Time. Jakey’s obviously been hitting the gym, and has possibly been up in the ‘roids! Jake’s also gotten hairier, OR he’s wearing a bad Hannah Montana wig. What Snarkista wants to know is:

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Snarkista Needs To Chill: Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”, The Video.

Honestly y’all, this has been a hell of a week and it’s just Tuesday. Snarkista’s gonna chill a little with Coldplay’s latest…Viva La Vida…which means Live The Life. After all of the death and rumors of death, Snarkista feels like throwing some Life into the mix. Crank it up and think about whether Saint Peter will call YOUR name. And because hump day can’t come fast enough.

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Katy Perry Wants Female Fans To Kiss Off

Girl, you brought this shizz on yourself by trying to perv up on Miley Cyrus for some PR! Katy Perry says that despite the lezbo lyrics in her smash “I Kissed A Girl”, she is OVER her female fans trying to snag a smooch.
Katy whined to The Sun

Girls now keep asking for a kiss. After every show on my tour I stay behind to do an autograph signing. But about a dozen women will want a snog. I just sweetly say, ‘No, thank you’. If I kissed everybody who asked I’d probably go away with something I don’t really want.

Katy was quick not to hop off of her gravy-train though, and revealed her same-sex crushes on Hollywood stars inspired her to write the song. Don’t kiss PARIS! Wonky McValtrex will make your lips fall OFF!

I was reading a magazine and opened it up to a picture of either Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox, and I turned to my boyfriend and said, ‘You know, if they walked through the door and asked me to pucker up, I would just do it.’

Girl, if Megan or Scarlett walked through your door, Mr. Katy Perry would mow your ass down so fast you’d be kissing the floor! Glad the shtick is working out for ya though, you broke Beatles chart records with your song. It’s probably time to shut up about kissing 15 year olds, though. However, SamRo and Lindsay are on line 2!

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Rumors Of Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s Death Uncertain

UPDATE-UPDATE: Site is reporting an exclusive with Lil Wayne, putting to rest the rumors that have engulfed the net all day.

“It has come to my attention that there are recent reports circulating regarding my daughter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are genuinely concerned about Reginae and her safety,” Lil Wayne told “Please allow me to dispel any rumors or speculations and report that my daughter is alive, healthy and surrounded by family who care and love her dearly. The rumors are completely false and unfounded; neither Reginae nor any other member of my family has been involved in any car accident. My family and I truly appreciate the concern and support shown to us.”

To which Snarkista says PRAISE MY JESUS! Screw whatever mofo put that shit out. Asshole gave Snarkista some gray hairs today.

UPDATE: Producer Maestro who is close to Lil Wayne is denying the rumors of daughter Reginae’s death, according to HeSaySheSay- who say Maestro gave them an exclusive. There has still been no official announcement from Lil Wayne or his publicists. MTV UK and even the Huffington Post are reporting Reginae’s death, but they are all sourcing back to the same unconfirmed net postings. Hip-Hop site SOHH is reporting that Universal (Lil Wayne’s master label) has denied Reginae’s passing, but again their news is not verifiable. Cash Money Records has not released a statement either. Snarkista has calls in as well to try and get official confirmation of what the truth is. It would be incredibly low if this were a publicity stunt. Cash Money has info ALL OVER about his latest album and video, but nothing addressing this horrible rumor.

There are conflicting stories circulating on the web that Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae died in a car accident late Sunday night. Messages of sadness and support have been massive, along with messages of love for Lil Wayne and his family. Reginae is a tender 8 years old. Some are saying, however, that the story isn’t true.

Yahoo Answers has this message; it’s been posted two times but hasn’t been verified yet. The poster says they are an aunt of Reginae’s.
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Heidi Montag Still Giving Douche Lessons To Meghan McCain

Snarkista told you that John McCain had a real problem if he thought Heidi Montag would help him with the youth vote. Daughter Meghan McCain’s still hanging out with Montard the famewhore, and seems to be up her ass pretty good! Horf!!!

Meghan seems to be liking the celeb spotlight, and Snarkista thinks Spencer’s convinced her all press is good press. Heidi and Spencer sure are riding THAT train as long as possible, despite subjecting us to horrifically ghastly “music” and “fashion” from Heidi. (Snarkista’s giving you fair warning if you click the music and fashion links…especially the music. Have the duct tape ready in case your head explodes.)

Ah, anything for the spotlight. Meghan was spotted getting her hair done by Matthew Shields last month at hair salon ‘John Frieda’ on Melrose Place, which services such stars as Kate Hudson and Jane Fonda. She’s been hanging onto Heidi like a tick on a dog.

While Senator John McCain has pointed his finger at Barack Obama for being a celebrity similar to Britney or Paris, (whose strike-back video left John’s in the dust) Meghan’s been trying her hardest to become one. Maybe she should shave her head! Barack should make a celeb ad linking McCain to Heidi and Spencer. Holy crap, his numbers would go through the roof. John! Wake up and lock up Meghan before she starts doing staged photo ops dressed like an effin’ Easter Bunny!

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