Nick Bollea Gets Some Pedophile Love

Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea whined so much last week, that authorities moved him from a solo cell to one with other boys. Personally, I wouldn’t do that unless Nick is into playing drop-the-soap for 7 more months! Nick is likely re-thinking his want for company.

The St. Petersburg, Florida public school system has become infamous for producing female teachers who get it on with underage boys. Must be something in the water!! One of the latest female boy-lovers has written a letter of support to Nick! The sheriff in charge of keeping Nick locked up confirmed that Stephanie Ragusa wrote to Speed Racer on June 2. Dumbass put her real name on the return address, so it was intercepted at the jail. Apparantly she was smart enough not to porn it up, and Nick was eventually given a copy.

Stephanie’s attorney is probably chaining her to a chair right now, and making sure she drops her literary hobby. She’s facing charges of sex with a minor, AND lewd and lascivious battery. OUCH!! She’s into bondage too! Steph, Nick’s probably getting ENOUGH lascivious battery right now, so why don’t you lay low and let your attorney get some sleep. You’re welcome.

Tabloids Caught In Hospital Scoop Payola

Hide in the janitor’s closet, because the Feds investigating the National Enquirer for paying hospital workers for celeb stories have some more ammo today! An ex-employee at UCLA Medical Center staffer was indicted on April 9 after leaking private info about Farrah Fawcett, Maria Shriver and 60 other patients. Now, former Globe managing editor Jim Mitteager has released recordings where he’s talking to his moles in the medical profession about star cosmetic surgery, mental illness, bulimia, abortions, and AIDS.

Sneaky Jim’s gotten the scoop on Tommy Boy Cruise, Jessica Lange, Liz Taylor, Billy Crystal, Kelsey Grammer, Magic Johnson, Roseanne Barr Al Pacino, Paula Abdul, Frank Zappa and Vanna White. Tommy was probably in to see about a heel job to make him taller. You know Paula was in for the bubbly, and hopefully THEY didn’t kill Frank Zappa. The tabs are afraid their sources inside hospitals with big celeb traffic are gonna dry up. They ought to be afraid that the Feds are gonna bust up on THEM next for supplying the cash for the stories!

Mitteager’s recordings are from1992 and 1993, and confirm the widespread loose lips. One scuzzmiester is heard telling Jim that, “If Liz (Taylor) is in St. John’s Hospital,” his buddy there will know it. “She takes a special delight on getting s— on Liz,” says the source. “She has access to the computer and talks to orderlies.”

On a dead celeb with AIDS, a spy says “the people who want to sell the story have physical proof. They want $4,000. … They want to move fast because it’s Christmastime and they want to get paid.”
Christmas cash! Nothing like a death watch to enliven the spirit of the season!

A grabby nurse’s husband, wanted “some good-faith money” for his tip. Mitteager informs him that The Globe has STANDARDS for god’s sake, and payola is only for stories they actually run.

Mitteager gave his incriminating evidence to a PI named Paul Barresi, who has generously offered to cooperate with prosecutors and hospital officials. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if the Feds are investigating the National Enquirer, The Globe could be next.

American Media Inc., which bought The Globe in 2000, is trying to cover their asses by saying the shizzola that went on before then isn’t their responsibility. American Media’s rep declined to comment on the current Enquirer case. His job is on the line, regular news people,he’s not saying anything else. Press conference over.

Publicist Stan Rosenfield, whose clients include Kelsey Grammer, Robert De Niro and George Clooney, says the obvious: “It’s alarming that this criminal activity could go on so long without being detected.” Farrah’s the only one with the cojones to go after the moles without caving in. Don’t mess with Farrah. She will cut a bitch.

Holy Crack, Winehouse Is A Racy Racist

If you think you’ve seen it all from Amy Winehouse, you haven’t. Not until you get a look at new video and pictures from the UK’s News Of The World, which were just released. An unnamed source gave the NOTW the video and a ton of druggie pics of Amy, her husband Blake Fielder-Civil and others. Amy’s crack and mouse video’s got nothing on this one!

Amy and a friend sing a racist song in the clip, which also shows the drug den they’re crashing in and Amy and Blake’s public sex (horf). What’s worse? The scenes were filmed by Blake, who is now in prison facing trial for “GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”.

The NOTW says a former friend gave them the evidence to show everyone what power Blake wields in manipulating Amy. One part of the clip shows Amy and a friend called Sarah singing a racist little ditty to the tune of “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes”. They ask Blake repeatedly if he is recording- and he LIES repeatedly that he is not.

When the song is over, Blake says “Well done. I promise I wasn’t recording.” What a man-ho! Also on camera is a table in front of Amy with a bunch of cigarette lighters and what looks like heroin on foil—a common way for users to heat the drug before smoking it.

Britain’s top cop Sir Ian Blair has called for celebrity drug users caught on camera to be put on trial. He spoke out after police let off a bunch of public figures who’d been filmed apparently snorting cocaine, shooting up heroin or smoking crack.

In another part of the clip Amy is passed out on a grungy couch Blake records her sleeping. He says: “This is how you sleep when you haven’t slept for two days”. What a lovely gentleman that Blaaaake is indeed! He proceeds to video a friend who says they’ve been doing a pharmacy’s worth of drugs- and the evidence is strewn all around.

The photos that the friend gave to the media include Blake and Amy swapping white tablets from mouth to mouth, Amy holding a homemade crack pipe as she’s obviously fried, and Blake looking like the junkie hustler he truly is.

Trust me, it’s one big skanknasty mess. Amy’s gotten SO nasty that she’s been warned about getting GANGRENE IN HER FACE if it comes in contact with the mud at the upcoming Glastonbury Music Festival. Her sores are so bad, that a nurse will have to bandage her face overnight to prevent infection. Gak!

The shocking video is VERY NSFW, so much so that I’m not going to post the link to it here. If you want to really get creeped out, you can see it and the photos on the site. If the release of this incredibly damning evidence that Blaaaake is using Amy for EVERYTHING he can get doesn’t wake her up, NOTHING will. This makes his trading autographed pics of her to his jailmates for drugs look like a game of Monopoly.

Oops! Rob Lowe Is Really Unorganized!

Rob Lowe, who as we all know is suing a former nanny for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement, now can’t find the document! Former Nanny Jessica Gibson, 24, denies ever signing such an agreement, and has asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit after one of Lowe’s attorneys admitted the document is “missing”! Holy filing clerk, somebody’s been trashing their work in “the master file” and billing ya for working! Sucks, huh!

“In effect, Ms. Gibson has been sued for breach of a nonexistent contract,” says her dismissal motion, filed Thursday in Santa Barbara, Calif. “The Lowes set out to punish Ms. Gibson … and intimidate any and all who might want to assert (their rights),” the motion says.

Lowe’s attorney Larry Stein would only say, “We’ll be responding to this in court, which is the appropriate way.” A source close to Rob insists that “Everyone who works for Rob knows that confidentiality agreements must be signed. There are plenty people who can verify that Jessica signed one. But after her employment ended, the papers went missing.” Righto! Line up all of Rob’s buddies to say they SAW Nanny Jessica sign something! GREAT strategy!!

On April 14, Gibson countersued Rob and his wife Sheryl for sexual harassment, claiming he groped her and exposed himself. On April 30, a second nanny, Laura Boyce, also filed suit for harassment. Remember way back when Rob was getting in trouble with a sex tape that showed Rob and an underage girl gettin’ busy? It looks like pretty boy hasn’t changed much. Seems the only lesson he learned was to look at some ID before unleashing his inner horndog.

The next hearing on the case is set for June 19. Better take another look through the files, Rob, and forgery ISN’T a great idea. Computers have a fun way of dating all kinds of shizz that you probably don’t know how to alter. Not that you would do that.

Friday’s Fifteen Minutes…

Ah, Friday! Time for a Friday’s Fifteen Minutes, where Z-listers get some press while they desperately try to go for twenty. Today’s guest is Landon Brown, son of the dapper and debonair Bobby Brown. Yeah, Landon’s one of his gazillion kids. Landon recently competed on MTV’s horrifying “Rock The Cradle”, where celebu-spawn fight it out American Idol style for a deal and some coin. (If you wanna see some crazy, check out some of the episodes online. Once you get to Chloe Lattanzi, you better strap yourself in).

Landon didn’t win, and the show is over. What’s a Z to do? Remember that you “got together” with Lindsay Lohan in a public bathroom! Landon’s obviously been holding these particular cards back, but saw the avalanche of lesbo-press Li-Lo’s been getting, and figured he’d better throw ’em down! If too many more neck-munching Samantha Ronson and Lindsay pics come out, Landon’d be S.O.L. SO…

“Me and Lindsay got really, really close. She followed me to the bathroom during a private party, and, well, we basically got together . . . I think she knew who I was when she first saw me. We were just staring at each other and she walked by. I walked into the bathroom and she followed me”

Landon would REALLY like for Lindsay to call him back too. He said so. Bless your little famewhoring heart, honey. Good luck with that. Maybe you should look into a wig…

Lily Allen Hates Bambi

Lily Allen Bambi dress

I’m starting to get a little concerned about Lily Allen. She’s been through a lot, (miscarriage, breakups, bad bleach jobs). Lily seems to be hitting the sauce a bit too much, and has racked up a solid record for getting snogged at celebrity events. Her hangover posts on her Myspace warn the kiddies about how effin bad a hangover feels, and to cut off their drinking at that ethereal point where a hangover won’t be your companion for the next two days. Lily needs to take her own advice!

Sadly, all of this boozing and then falling down has impacted her fashion choices. Our girl used to wear cute, retro, swingy dresses. Here we have Lily in a retro, swingy dress with Bambi spurting blood all over it. Truly a Bjork moment, but sneakier ‘cuz you have to be closer to get the shock. What IS the thought process that went into designing THIS fabric? “It will be FIERCE, girl! White satin (the fabric devoid of forgiveness) splashed with an ebola-infected deer! It can squirt blood out of it’s chest, and have an innocent, yet WTF look on it’s face! It’s MAYJAH cutting edge! With extra cutting!”

Lily has her own clothing line, so it’s entirely possible she picked this out herself… while hammered. You know how things seem like a good idea when you’re buzzing like a chainsaw? And then you forget about them, or worse, wake up with them? I think Lily’s perpetual state of pickled kept her from forgeting about this PETA-provoking ensemble. Maybe it’s a gun control statement, or maybe Lily just hates venison. Lily had to be carried out of the “UK Glamor Women of the Year Awards” where she received the “Editor’s Special Award”… like the Special Olympics of Glamour. That’s one cheapasstic looking award, too – a plastic ruler mounted on a paperweight. DETOX TIME!

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