Will Smith’s New School: “Textbook” Scientology

It looks like Tom Cruise has truly captured Will Smith into Xenu land. Will is bankrolling a new “progressive” school in California, the “New Village Academy”. The school’s director is Smith’s former personal assistant, and is “Director of Philanthropy and Vice President of Smith Holding Group”. She’s also a keen Scientologist. Will is not directly mentioned on the New Village website, but the National Enquirer has tied him to the school, and the press is reporting his connection and financing. Will’s already given $1 million to the fledgling academy, which touts itself as being based on “the latest educational research”. Uh- this stuff is from the 1950’s and ’60s!

Wife Jada Pinkett-Smith is a devout Scientologist, while Will maintains he is not. Tommy’s been working HARD on Will for years, however, and it looks like his hard work is paying off.

At least six of the staff of the school are known Scientologists. The $12,000 a year school employs methods used by Scientology’s Delphi schools, including L. Ron Hubbard’s “Study Tech” (deemed ineffective, useless and possibly harmful to children by mainstream educators). The school also uses Scientology’s “Heron Basics” language program, again seen as pretty worthless by most teachers. Continue reading Will Smith’s New School: “Textbook” Scientology

Poll: Beyonce’s “House of Dereon” For Kids

house of dereon kids yikesBeyonce and mom Tina Knowles have extended the god-awful clothing line named after B’s poor grandmom. Now, YOUR kids can dress like little Lolitas AND help support Beyonce and Tina’s nasty rhinestone and glitter habits! That shiz is CRACK for those two! What’s next- kiddie cameltoes? Gramma must be rolling in her grave. Is Snarkista just a big prude? Vote and give me your opinion!

So Nicole Kidman DOES Have A Bump!

Nicole Kidman baby bump It’s about damn time, too- she’s only 7 months pregnant! Nicole attended last night’s Academy of Country Music awards in Las Vegas with hubby Keith Urban. This is possibly the most awkward looking red carpet photo ever, with both of them pulling her dress back so the ‘lil lump of love would show. Nic is definitely no Angelina Jolie! Keith was nominated for ACMA entertainer of the year, but lost to Kenny Chesney in Kenny’s 4th win. Kenny’s been on a roll, so I doubt Keith was surprised.

Kenny, brainiac that he is, (trust me) immediately dissed the system that the ACMA’s used this year which incorporated fan votes on the net. WTF?! Little dude, take your statue and move on. We know Garth Brooks didn’t win that way, because his music is older than the internet! Besides, we all know the ACMA’s are the cheesy pretenders to the CMA throne. Just put on a hawaiian shirt and get a margarita, K?

UPDATE! According to yahoo news, Kenny Chesney’s a bit of a hypocrite for dissing the ACMA’s internet voting for Entertainer of the Year last night. Apparantly, Kenny’s MySpace still had a large banner Monday urging fans to “bring it home for KC,” with links to the academy’s online voting page! Chesney’s Myspace also included a May 1 post urging fans to vote! Like I said…BRAINIAC. Oh, the Chesney stories I could tell! But I wont. Unless you get me REALLY sauced!

Photoshop Awards: American Idol Edition

American Idol Season 7 TourHere’s the first American Idol Season 7 tour poster I’ve seen, (click to enlarge) and I’m wondering why they all look like they floated in from outer space! Was it not possible to get them all in the room at the same time? Surely there’s something in those 19E contracts that mandates attendance at all shoots!

I’m assuming Carly’s jacket has sleeves, but if not, at least they’ve got the tats covered. Not sure why wardrobe chose to put black stilletos on Kristy Lee; with the white and gold theme they make her feet stick out like giant skis. David Cook has such mad skills that he’s trying to point out this faux-pas in the pic. Is there no END to his talent?! Ramiele’s hair looks like a melted conehead, and Archie must be looking at daddy; Brooke looks sick to her stomach, and Poor Michael Johns is scooted in like an afterthought. Obviously SOMEONE quit their graphics education at Photoshop 101! Cut and paste anyone?

Mariah’s Marriage Marathon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s wedding extravaganzas are still coming! You probably know that Mimi and Nick had a quickie ceremony in the Bahamas, and then rented out an amusement park so that friends could watch them ride the rollercoasters by themselves. Loads of fun! If you’re Mimi and Nick!!

It seems the happy couple (or at least the female half of the happy couple) can’t get enough of all things bridal- and are planning ANOTHER wedding to take place in New York, in about 6 weeks. Sources say THIS wedding will be more of what we’d expect from Mariah- over the top, 2000+ guests, 4 milion dollar budget, and at least 14 bridesmaids. Now THAT’S the Mimi we know and love!

Mariah told Ellen DeGeneres last week that most of the guests of the quickie wedding were “people there to do my hair and help with my dress”. You know, the little people! Mimi wants a wedding for the big people now, an extravaganza extraordinaire! Expect loads of celebs and paparazzi, and possibly the shortest wedding dress ever worn. Don’t wear it, Mariah! Lay off the micro-minis for just ONE day! And please, no white organza bomber jackets. Just a request.

Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, Hate Sarah Jessica Parker

As you probably know, there is a new Sex And The City movie. The flick has been LONG awaited by millions of die-hard fans. It’s been on-again, off-again for what seems like a decade. Many of you, no doubt, have seen pics from the London opening- featuring Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a green hat from the Dr. Seuss: Seussical In the Poconos Collection. Sadly, this latest round of SATC fug did not stop at the premiere.

Vogue Magazine’s June 2008 issue features SJP on the cover, as lensed by Annie Leibovitz- fresh from her Miley Cyrus punk over at Vanity Fair. Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editrix royale, is deadly serious about her important fashion AND the bottom line. What an irresistible convergence a Sex And The City themed spread must have been! Sarah Jessica’s ALL about important fashion too! Anna knows the issue should sell well, so I think she took the chance to take SJP down a smidge- just to remind her who’s the ultimate queen of couture!

Sarah Jessica’s portraying a 40 year old bride in the shoot, and “Mr. Big”, Chris Noth, is in it as well. Mr. Big is trying to sit on SJP’s shoulders in the cover shot, and as Chris IS big, and SJP is tiny- the look of gasping pain on her face is understandable. She looks like she just got kidney-punched. “And…Snap! We’ve got it!” (Leibovitz, still grasping for controversy.)

Ooooh, I can just picture Anna Wintour now, perusing the proofs- looking for just the right one. “This is it. We’ll put the clean-water scare where it looks like that’s what SJP is gasping about. Clean water IS important to readers, I’m sure. Put the Sex And the City hook over the bony arm Chris ISN’T crushing, and make it big enough to hide those heinous extensions Ken Paves gave us. Those are too cruel even for me. And NO PHOTOSHOPPING! I want her to LOOK 50. That’s the story, right? She’s a 50 year old bride? Oh…40? That’s what I said. It’s perfect.”

MTV’s “Exiled”- Bratz Camp for “Sweet Sixteens”!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I LOVE the concept of MTV’s upcoming Reality TV show “Exiled”! Remember all of the super-spoiled, insufferable birthday girls from MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen”? Remember how you wanted to ship them off to a third-world country? Well, MTV has done it for you!!! Payback begins Monday, August 25th. Here’s the trailer for the not-so-sweet reality check for the obnoxious little bratz! I might actually watch this one! Extra points for the tribes and families who had to put up with the ‘lil divas! Double-Click and see it all go down.