Paige Miles Cut from American Idol – Tim Urban Saved Again

Yes, we admit it; we want Tim Urban gone from American Idol. We’ve wanted him gone from the first time he opened his mouth and that shaky, karaoke, strained voice squeaked out. However, we have to admit that Paige Miles elimination from American Idol this week was well deserved.

Paige Miles on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Paige Miles on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Still, we feel bad for those who plan to attend the American Idols Live Tour and will now have to endure listening to Tim Urban squawk his way across the country.

After the horror that was Paige Miles’ performance on Tuesday night, we would have been shocked if the teacher from Florida hadn’t been in the bottom three. We were a bit surprised that Andrew Garcia wasn’t there after his abysmal showing this week. As Simon Cowell said, that boy sucked all the life out of his song and left it bleeding on the floor. We doubt he’ll make it more than another week or two though unless Tim Urban does finally get voted off and the folks switch to Garcia.

Paige Miles & Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Paige Miles & Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Katie Stevens rounded out the bottom three this week and it’s not hard to see why. She’s not the worst singer still in the pack, but she just doesn’t seem to click with American Idol fans. We think she’s just too boringly generic to inspire a strong fan base. Although her performance this week was actually one of her best, it still doesn’t come close in comparision to powerhouses like Crystal Bowersox or Siobhan Magnus. Stevens is another one we bet won’t be sticking around for the top five unless she miraculously pulls something spectacular out of her hat.

We can’t help but feel lousy for Paige Miles getting the cut this week. Not that she didn’t deserve to go, but to stand there and know Tim Urban would get to go on the American Idol Live tour instead of her – with all the extra cash and attention that comes with it? That just has to hurt.

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9 thoughts on “Paige Miles Cut from American Idol – Tim Urban Saved Again”

  1. I am sorry I have watched AI for a long time and in the last 3 seasons, the best ones are leaving. We cant blame the judges, the show only the voters. the voters are the ones that are to blame. You cant complain when your singer leaves because you dont vote. If you vote, you have a voice and if you dont vote, oh well. I am 68 years old, love to sing and dance and I vote on AI and DWTS. Vote and gives the contestants a true chance. Simon you may be a “little” hard but I am with you. Your opinons are on the mark. They pretend to not liek you but they do because you get the loudest cheers. From me too.

  2. I think if Paige was knocked off last week as should have been, than Tim would have left this week and Lacey could have stayed and she is better than both of them

  3. Good to watch the AI from this part of the world.(Samoa, an island in the South Pacific) Congratulations to all the participants from day one. All the best to the remaining contestants.
    Perhaps Kara needs a holiday here in my beautiful island of Samoa.

  4. ???I watch american idol, when I actual live here in New Zealand. What the hell is Tim Urban doing there?? He sucks??? Some teeanger girls need to clean their ears out? He aint even that good looking, and I”M A CHICK??? Paige roxxz!! Although I haven’t seen her recent performance yet….

  5. now dont get me wrong the way paige performed was badand she has been struguling but when simon said no chance I thought that was wrong because that what the last performance is about one more shot one more chance and if you listen to her performance on the way out she sounded great i thought her best performance that to bad the judges said that i think they were frustrated with paige

  6. Paige had a great voice but she just didn’t push it. I’m so frustrated with this year’s idol because most of them are so mediocre! The only ones worth voting for are Crystal, Siobhan, and Lee Dewyze once he comes out of his shell.

  7. This is the absolute worst season of AI. I tape the show only so I can fast forward through the atrosity of “singers” faster that suffering through the entire show. I think it’s time to say “BUH BYE” IDOL. Hello X Factor. The show is NOTHING without Simon anyway.

  8. We can all thank which is partially responsible for the rest of America having to painfully endure Tim Urban’s poor excuse for singing ability. Unfortunately, since he’s made it to the top 10, we will continue having to endure it past this competition. One can hope that Tim actually takes some pity on the rest of us by hiring a vocal coach to improve his singing ability to at least a tolerable level. As it stands, poor Tim doesn’t seem to “get it” which is probably why he smiles a lot, proving that ignorance really is bliss.

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