Pam Anderson And Paris Hilton Schlep It To The Gallery

Pamela Anderson: Heyyyyy Paris!

Paris Hilton: (Ahem) Hey Pam! Fancy seeing you here at The Art Basel Miami- it’s IMPORTANT, ya know..

Pam: Yeah, I love art! I brought my Andy Warhol purse and Fred Durst. No hard feelings, K?

Paris: Oh, none! Fred’s soooo in my past, I’m moving on with playing Tinkerbell for Disney! Are you up for a Madagascar 3 role?

Pam: Huh?

Paris: The underwear, Pam. Tigress?

Pam: No! It was dark when I got dressed and I grabbed one of my boys’ underoos by mistake.

Paris: Ohkayy! How old are your little ones now? I’m dying to be a mom. I’d be the best!

Pam: They’re 10 and 11 now. Motherhood is great- all of their friends call me “Stacy’s Mom”… I don’t really get it; neither of them are named Stacy…

Paris: Do they care if you go out half-naked? I need to know these things. Don’t get me wrong, you look good for 40…

Pam: Uh, well- that’s why I kept the lights off. They are in that “mom is so embarrassing” stage.

Paris: I wore this Tinkerbell dress last night and I didn’t have time to change- the serape totally transforms it, no?

Pam: Uh, sure. It’s not very hott, though, they have these pants in zebra too!

Paris: Um- no thanks, hun. I have to stick with the fairy theme as much as possible. Can you smell my new “Fairy Dust” perfume? No to Prop 8!

Pam: I thought that was my vintage Zima. I’m gonna miss this stuff.

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