Papa Spears Calls Sam Lufti A “Predator”

britney-spears-and-sam-luftiBritney Spears lives under the permanent control of her dad, Jamie Spears, for her own good. Access to Britney, even by telephone, is carefully monitored. Why? So she won’t do idiotic things like let Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib back into her life. The two slick-talkers are trying hard.

Imagine Papa Spears’ dismay when Brit-Brit showed up with a prepaid cell phone recently. Her security team confiscated it from her purse while she was at a dance practice. When she was confronted, Brit admitted the phone was given to her by someone during a hotel stay.

THAT person, she confessed, got it from ex-manager Sam Lutfi and former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Britney’s darkest days were when she was living under Sam Lufti’s spell, he locked her down tighter than Papa…to use her, not to help her. Adnan was there to help keep an eye on Brit at all times.

Jamie Spears described the cellular phone incident in testimony Monday in an L.A. court, as he sought to maintain a restraining order against Lutfi, whom Jamie has claimed harassed Britney and has sought to undermine Jamie’s legal control over her life. Jamie testified:

“When Lutfi was in so-called control, she’d lost everything – her kids and career,” Jamie said at the hearing. “I believe he’s a predator, I believe he’s very dangerous to her … and causes her a lot of anguish and disbelief. We’ve asked him to go away before, and now he’s coming back. We just want the man to go away. Just leave us alone.”

Jamie also talked about the darkest night for Britney, when she was forcibly taken from her home after locking herself in a bathroom with her son Jayden, leading to her first hospitalization last year.

“She was told by Lutfi she could have her children for another night,” Jamie said. But when a bodyguard for her ex-husband Kevin Federline arrived to get the children, “She didn’t want to let her kids go because she thought she could have them for another night,” Jamie said.

He then somberly described Britney that night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as “kind of wild” and “just very messed up.” Before he took legal control, he testified, Britney’s life “was pretty well a disaster. She had nothing going on, just mostly being in the tabloids.” But today she’s “very stable, making her meetings, taking care of her babies, doing things she’s supposed to do,” he said.

The hearing will resume tomorrow. Fight on, Papa Spears! Keep the crazy scumbuckets away from Brit-Brit!