Parents Not Pleased With Howard Stern America’s Got Talent Gig

The Parents Television Council is up in arms after the announcement that radio shock jock Howard Stern will be joining the judging panel on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. The network announced Thursday that Howard Stern would replace Piers Morgan on the show for the next season. Morgan reportedly decided to exit America’s Got Talent in order to focus on his CNN interview program.

“Howard Stern’s larger-than-life personality will bring a thrilling new dynamic to America’s Got Talent starting this summer,” explained NBC alternative programming head Paul Telegdy. “He’s a proven innovator and his track record in broadcasting is truly remarkable. Howard is very passionate about this show and is fully committed to its future success.”

Stern, 57, will continued to host his SiriusXM radio program and production of America’s Got Talent will move to New York to accommodate the shock jock. Stern was previously rumored to have been under consideration at one point to join American Idol as a judge, but some have wondered if advertisers will be uncomfortable with Stern’s less than savory reputation.

The Parents Television Council called hiring Stern a move of “desperation” by NBC and said in a press statement that the network had “lost its way.” The PTC blasted NBC and said the last thing America’s Got Talent — which often features kids — needs is “a performer who is synonymous with shock, profanity and obscenity.” PTC president Tim Winter said “whatever principles NBC had in the past, when the network was successful, have clearly gone out the window.”

As for Stern, on his radio show, he said he plans on taking “judging very seriously … in order to up my credibility, I will wear a suit.” Well, we already know he has lots of great experience judging things like who has the best breast implants, which co-ed is hotter and which ‘gay’ stunts are best.

“I’m going to be Piers [Morgan] on steroids,” Stern promised, in reference to the former lead judge. “It’s going to be a no-nonsense judge … I’m going to go there as a serious judge … It’s gonna be something else … I am very excited.”

The first audition episodes of the new season of America’s Got Talent start up in February.

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