Paris Hilton Kicked Out After Trying To Crash Golden Globes Party

Paris Hilton hid out in the bathroom at Creative Artist Agency’s big post-Golden Globes bash Sunday night, after agency bigwig Kevin Huvane caught her slipping into his exclusive par-tay uninvited. Wonky’s giant shoes probably stuck out under the stall door!

Kevin was NOT happy about the party-crashing. After all, the appearance of Paris and other reality-TV types at Golden Globes parties in recent years devalued them. A-list stars started skipping out after the awards and heading straight for William Morris, CAA and other more exclusive management parties. It seems this year, Wonky was determined to grace the REAL stars with her tacky presence. But…she wasn’t sneaky enough, and Kevin loudly demanded she be removed! Quelle horreure! The New York Daily News reports that:

Kevin was outraged at her sense of entitlement, and he was adamant that she be removed. He was storming around, yelling “Who let her in? She is NOT invited, and somebody had better get her out of here immediately!”

Paris was so bent on staying that LAPD security and event planners had to wait for the self-entitled idiot to leave the ladies room so they could toss her out. After 15 minutes, she came out looking red-faced and embarrassed. BAWHAHAHAHA!!! Please let SOMEONE have gotten a pic of this. And Paris? Stick to hanging out at the free clinic, hon. Being an STD poster-child is your real calling.