Paula Abdul Stalker Found Dead Outside Paula’s Home

30 year-old Paula Goodspeed was found dead yesterday in a parked car outside Paula Abdul’s home on Beverly Ridge Drive in Sherman Oaks. She was believed to be an “extreme fan” of Paula Abdul, known to Paula and her security team for years. Goodspeed auditioned for American Idol for season 5 in 2006. TMZ has her audition video here. Paula said:

“I am deeply saddened and shocked about what transpired yesterday. My heart and prayers go out to her family.”

According to reports, when the woman went missing, her parents told police to look outside Abdul’s house in Sherman Oaks, California, as they were pretty sure that is where she was. They were correct, as their daughter was found and pronounced dead at the scene on Tuesday at 6 p.m. LA Police Department spokesperson Karen Smith stated that:

“Our Van Nuys division did receive a call from the Ventura County’s Sheriff. A woman’s parents reported her missing and they thought that she may be at Paula Abdul’s house.”

Reportedly, over the years, Police were called to Paula’s house numerous times to deal with her. The woman’s car license plate read “ABL LV” and inside a picture of Abdul hung from the rear-view mirror. There were no signs of foul play and the cause of death is thought to be suicide by drug overdose.
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photo credit: TMZ

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