Paula Dean Racist Lawsuit Dismissed, But It Doesn’t Matter Anyway

Photo: Paula Deen Peter Kramer/NBCThe nasty Paula Deen racist lawsuit filed by her former employee, Lisa Jackson, has been dismissed. According to the federal judge in the case, Jackson had no right to sue for racial discrimination because she is white. Deen was reportedly “pleased with the court’s ruling” a rep for the cook told Us Weekly, adding that the TV personality “believes in equal opportunity, kindness and fairness for everyone.”

Apparently you can’t sue someone for saying vile, racist things around you or at you if they don’t actually apply to your specific race. Whether or not you agree with that judgement, it doesn’t really matter anyway. Jackson already won in the court of public opinion. Paula Deen has been fired by the Food Network, shunned by sponsors and lost countless millions in revenue.

Unfortunately, the court of public opinion doesn’t pay your legal fees or award you hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for being the ex-employee of an allegedly horrific boss. Paula Deen may have watched her reputation and marketability go up in flames because of the negative exposure from the lawsuit but that doesn’t do Jackson’s wallet much good.

According to, U.S. District Court Judge William T. Moore Jr. ruled that former restaurant manager Jackson just didn’t have the right skin color to sue Paula Deen for allegedly being a racist. Although Jackson reportedly tried to squeeze in something about having a relative who is biracial, it wasn’t enough to sway the judge in her favor. The judge said that Jackson was nothing more than an “accidental victim” of the racism that allegedly happened in her presence.

The judge did allow Jackson’s sexual harassment against Paula Deen and her brother, Bubba Hiers, to move forward. So she can at least be hopeful that she still has some kind of chance at coming out of this ahead.

We don’t know if half of what Jackson has accused Deen of saying and doing is or isn’t true. Regardless, just for the things the butter-loving chef has admitted she has said, we’d love to see her get some sort of smack in the teeth.

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  1. So it’s a white girl that is behind all this? A mud shark? Come on now. Hell if that’s the case I want to sue some one now. My feelings got hurt one day by some one who said some thing that I did not like too! Can’t I get paid off too? Fo’ sumptin bawse main jes’ fo’ sumptin’ !

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