Perez owns up to his hypocrisy

After Perez Hilton spoke out so vehemently against cyberbullying following the recent series of bully-related suicides, it was pointed out by, oh, a few bazillion people that the man is a big ol’ hypocrite, as he has basically built his entire career and fortune by trashing people on the internet in pretty ugly ways.  Hilton now says that he’s trying to clean up his act and walk the talk, and while he’s at it he’s branching out and making a few other niche websites to help categorize content and respond to criticism that his flagship site has no real focus.  It remains to be seen whether this change will benefit him professionally, as a lot of people only go to his site because they want to see the trash talk.  If he gives that up, he’ll kind of be abandoning his only real skill.

One thought on “Perez owns up to his hypocrisy”

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