Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Bound

Former NFL Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is Denver Broncos bound. The four-time league MVP is reportedly headed to Denver to finalize contract negotiations with his new football team. As for current quarterback Tim Tebow, he will reportedly be traded off the team as soon as the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning deal is sealed.

After finally making his choice to go with the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning reportedly called up the other major bidders for his services, the San Francisco 49ers and the Tennessee Titans to offer his regrets. Titans owner Bud Adams seemed quite displeased about Manning’s choice, although speculation has been strong in the sports world the past few days that the NFL quarterback would choose the Broncos.

“I was hoping we would win out,” Adams told The Tennessean. “I thought we’d be ahead of Denver. I thought he’d want to stay in Tennessee… I want to thank the whole organization for their efforts in trying to sign Peyton and also to Peyton for the time he put into the process. Peyton called me this morning to inform me of his decision and obviously I am disappointed, because I thought we would be a perfect fit.”

The Denver Broncos Peyton Manning deal is expected to reach upwards of $90 million for a five-year contract, with specific language to protect the team if the NFL quarterback’s neck injury and subsequent surgeries interfere with his ability to play football. Currently, Peyton Manning has been evaluated and declared physically fit for action.

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