Photoshop Awards: American Idol Edition

American Idol Season 7 TourHere’s the first American Idol Season 7 tour poster I’ve seen, (click to enlarge) and I’m wondering why they all look like they floated in from outer space! Was it not possible to get them all in the room at the same time? Surely there’s something in those 19E contracts that mandates attendance at all shoots!

I’m assuming Carly’s jacket has sleeves, but if not, at least they’ve got the tats covered. Not sure why wardrobe chose to put black stilletos on Kristy Lee; with the white and gold theme they make her feet stick out like giant skis. David Cook has such mad skills that he’s trying to point out this faux-pas in the pic. Is there no END to his talent?! Ramiele’s hair looks like a melted conehead, and Archie must be looking at daddy; Brooke looks sick to her stomach, and Poor Michael Johns is scooted in like an afterthought. Obviously SOMEONE quit their graphics education at Photoshop 101! Cut and paste anyone?

2 thoughts on “Photoshop Awards: American Idol Edition”

  1. hmmm, this is old news but actually I disagree. I think the colour theme is white, gold, and a warm black. You’ll notice many of the contestants in the middle row have dark hair. The shoes draw the eyes down from this dark space and allow the eye to travel around the balanced image instead of trapping it in the center.

    Massively delayed schiznap! ;]

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